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3/25/14 11:50 A

You will be sooooo glad you got your new knee. I was so tired of sitting on the side lines while everyone else was participating in life. I came out of a moving car when I was in high school ... ya know just a couple of years ago : )

I landed on my knees and they were an issue since then. The last 10-14 years before surgery I was bone on bone and in chronic pain. I sat non stop and gained most of my weight. My surgeon told me that for every pound you weight multiply it by at least 3 and that is the force that is hitting your knee every time you take a step. That was a real eye opener for me.

I started doing exercises before my surgery which I think really helped. I lost weight before surgery I think because I had a definite goal date set. Remember you are going to be on really good drugs for a while. To be honest, the surgery pain was no where as bad as before surgery. In fact, I got in trouble for not taking my meds often enough to keep them in my system because I felt so much better. Ask when you are suppose to start massaging the scar. I was not told when to do this and my scar is "knotted". I don't care what it looks like but the thickness can restrict the motion. I have my fingers crossed for y'all.

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3/25/14 11:01 A

I can relate! The thought of surgery is daunting especially when you know what you are facing. I had my first knee done 7 weeks ago on Monday. I am pretty much back to normal now. There is pain but I found it to be manageable for the most part. I agree with your plan to lose weight. My surgeon would not do the operation until I lost 30 pounds. I did it and am glad I did. As to exercise there are chair exercise videos on this site that you could try. Anything you can do to strengthen your other knee will help you recover faster. I was given a set of exercises to do after surgery to strengthen my muscles. I will start them again well before I have my other knee done so that the muscles are prepared. I am convinced that the surgery is worth it and encourage you to go for it.

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3/25/14 10:21 A

Hello everyone... I am 52 and am scheduled for my surgery June 10, 2014, on one knee only. I had knee surgery 37 years ago because I was very athletic at age 15... and age 15, that was the very last time I was athletic in my life. After 37 years of carrying around an additional 150 pounds, I have acquired, multiple tears in my meniscus, horrible osteoarthritis and my "good leg" is quite shorter than my "surgery leg" because for 37 years I never put any weight on it... I am trying to be as proactive as possible in preparation for my surgery. LOVE MY DOCTOR so far... I decided to do my best to lose at least 10% of my body weight (30+ pounds) before surgery because it makes sense. HE SAID "How can I expect you to lose weight when you can barely walk on that leg?"...

MY psychological issues:
1. I'm scared, I have had other surgeries so I have a reference point for pain and recovery, just not looking forward to it.
2. I will no longer have the excuse I had (for anything and everything) for the past 37 years: Can't lose weight cause I can't exercise... Can't exercise cause my knee hurts or doesn't hold my body weight...
3. This is the end of the "over 300 pound me" that has defined me for 37 years. It's scary to be transformed... Will I like her? The new person I am forcing myself to become?

Stay tuned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! emoticon

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3/18/14 5:34 P

Sarah, I am sooooooo glad I had mine both done at the same time. I had to convince the doc that I promised, promised I would do all my PT and recovery just like I was instructed. I also had to "loose some weight" before the surgery with not set number in mind. I lost 24 pounds and went on to lose more (wish like the dickens I had kept it off). I did spend a week and a half in the hospital. I have to admit the first time I stood up which was the next day after surgery ... I was shocked at how unstable I was. Using the bathroom was not very lady like but I got it done. I did everything they asked me to. You are on reallllly good drugs and as long as I moved I was good. Once, I sat still toooooooo long and getting my legs up underneath me and moving was a challenge. Hubby was home with me so me rehab went really well. I think a walker and a port-a-potty are a must to have for your comfort. When the discomfort started to subside there was no starting over on the second knee. I had three people I knew that had both done at the same time. They all said it's a challenge but they were very glad they decided to do it once and be done. I feel the same way.

3/17/14 9:28 P

Mtn_Kitten, are you glad you got both done at one? I need both done and can't decide if it's worse to prolong the inevitable and try to recover from surgery with one bad knee left or just bite the bullet and do both

LINDAC399 Posts: 6,036
3/13/14 3:45 P

Thanks, l am happy that I did it

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3/13/14 2:47 P

emoticon Cheers for no more (or at least a lot less) pain!!! emoticon

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3/12/14 12:14 P

Oooops! I skimmed over the postings after reading the first one...congrats on having the surgery. Keep up with the PT and walking.

I had both of mine done because I was bone on bone and walking, standing were no longer and option. In fact, my doc said after the surgery he didn't know how I had walked into the hospital to have the surgery, I had almost waited to long. He did a great job under the circumstances that I gave him.

No pain!!!!!!!!!!

LINDAC399 Posts: 6,036
3/12/14 9:07 A

I'm really glad that I had the surgery and yes I can do stairs easily now. I continue to do the assigned exercises and to walk as much as possible. I have to walk inside because of the never ending ice and snow.
I cannot imagine having both knees done at once but will certainly have the other one done as soon as possible. I am continually amazed at what doctors can do and blessed by our health care system.

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3/11/14 8:19 P

I had both of mine replaced at the same time Oct 2013. Do it, do it, do it. I have a new lease on life. The rehab ... challenging with both done at the same time. But it is very worth it.

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3/11/14 5:18 P

I'm coming in late on this conversation, so I'm glad to see you're doing well! I had a partial knee replacement (Oxford knee) and am glad I did. There are some issues, but nothing close to the pain I had prior to surgery. Surgeon said it could take a year for everything to heal. Are you able to do stairs now?

LINDAC399 Posts: 6,036
3/11/14 11:20 A

That's interesting. Were you worried about the effects of psoratic arthritis? I had psoriasis for forty years and then it spontaneously went away. I had the surgery about five weeks ago so I am well on the way to recovery. I will have the other one done next year.

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3/11/14 11:12 A

I don't have problems with my knees, but I have psoriasis. I'd get the surgery as if you wait when you are older there is more complication.
Are you a Capricorn (December 22-January 20th)? Capricorn rules the knees. Capricorns can often have stress headaches.

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LINDAC399 Posts: 6,036
3/7/14 8:30 A

Thanks Miss Ruth, that is good advice. I had the surgery and am only about a week away from freedom again. My husband has been wonderful about driving me around. I have watched more television than normal and have been going through old pictures. I want to get them organized and labeled. I'm glad I had the surgery and will have the second knee done.
I have been faithfully doing the exercises and walking as much as possible.
Thanks for replying.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,231
3/7/14 7:30 A

I haven't had it-- but where I work, there are a bunch of people who have. Every single one of them has said it was worth it. Those who kept putting it off and putting off, til they couldn't hardly get around at all any more.... all say they wish they'd done it sooner. The people who seem to have done the best with the rehab, are those that followed doctor's orders to a "t" and did all the exercises etc.

I think knowing you won't be driving for a few weeks... just plan things you can do around the house. Go through that pile of magazines, clean out the junk drawer in the kitchen, get those recipes organized, box up some stuff for Goodwill. If you plan it out like you're intending to stay home and do things, then it doesn't seem like such a "restriction".

LINDAC399 Posts: 6,036
3/6/14 8:18 A

I had the surgery four and a half weeks ago and am well on my way to recovery. I don't have much pain and am looking forward to driving again in about a week. I am glad I did it.

3/6/14 7:00 A

It's totally worth it! Had mine done in October last year.

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12/5/13 12:13 P

I have never had knee surgery, but I believe it is worth it. I am an RN for a rehab hospital and patients that need 2 knee surgeries always come back to the have the other one done if they didn't do the both at the same time. Also our pt's are up and mobile by day 2, you will be stiff. If you drive a car with a clutch it might be a problem or if you don't have pwr brakes on your car. See if you can have inpatient rehab for 1 wk to 10 days and make sure they use a continuous passive motion (CPM) machine to help with motion and flexibility right after surgery. If you require a lot of pain medication then you will not want to drive, but most people use less and less within days. You will have pain for a few days, but I'm assuming you have pain everyday right now. Every pt I have had have told we they are so glad they did it. Some people do so well with this surgery they do not require physical therapy.

LINDAC399 Posts: 6,036
12/5/13 9:32 A

I lost enough weight for my surgeon to agree to knee replacement surgery. I was very happy until he told me that I could not drive for six weeks. I live in a rural community and drive a fair bit even now that I am retired. My question is, is it worth it. I do not have terrible pain but I can't do some activities especially climbing stairs. I expect I will do it and my husband will be happy to drive me around but I hate to give up my independence. Is the result worth the aggravation?

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