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8/22/13 6:24 A

it's probably the movement of that particular elliptical (every brand is a bit different) that's annoying your knee.

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8/22/13 6:19 A

I agree - if the elliptical is causing you problems, steer away from it.

It certainly sounds like there are plenty of other forms you CAN do to stay fit and healthy.


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8/21/13 11:01 P

Stay away from the elliptical!

Or if you must, use different sneakers (running ones won't have the right shock absorption), and make sure you do IT band stretches, and use the weight machines where you push upward with your shins, to strengthen the muscles around your knees.

Good luck!

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8/21/13 10:14 P

I sprained my knee last April. It's of course healed but when I do the elliptical machine both of my knees just kill me. I can walk, run, do squats with no problem but not the elliptical. Anybody have any advice?

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