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6/26/13 3:06 P

meanwhile keep icing it !!!

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6/26/13 2:35 P

We relocated recently and I've been meaning to look for a new doctor...this will give me a reason to do so. I definitely don't want to do any permanent damage. Thanks!

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I agree! See your medical professional. You put a lot of force on your knee especially during lunges and squats. Make sure you are using proper form. If you blow out your knees you might have to refrain from ALL exercise to allow them to heal.

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6/26/13 1:31 P

Discomfort is normal; pain is NOT. If it actually hurts, then that's a sign something is wrong, and you should stop and consult a medical professional. It's better to be safe than sorry!

And under NO circumstances should you ever "work through the pain" - that's a great way to end up under the surgeon's knife.

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6/26/13 1:23 P

I work out a lot, and I've noticed that I feel little twinges of pain in my knees, mainly during lunges and squats. My knees are sometimes a bit sore after class but the soreness is usually gone within a few hours. It comes back when I start exercising, though...twinge, twinge, twinge. I haven't traditionally had knee trouble, and I don't want to do any permanent damage. When I start to feel pain, I definitely reduce the intensity of my workout (no jumping, don't squat as far down) and it helps. Is this normal, or should I be concerned? Note: I weigh 239 pounds but I have been exercising regularly for a decade so it's not a case of too much, too soon. Thank you!

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