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5/3/13 10:26 P

Dragonchilde, I've been running for about 3-4 weeks, all on the same surface. The only thing that changed was the shoes. When I went back to my old ones, my knees only bothered me after a really long workout. I've never had knee problems before. Also, I just chose a pair of shoes right off the rack. Now, I know to have my foot checked for pronation or whatever and get the right pair. So for the time being, I'm not running. My knees don't even hurt today, so it may just be a time of resting for me. Thanks! emoticon

I will check out the article about exercises for people with knee problems! Thanks! emoticon

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5/3/13 11:10 A

After jumping and playing volleyball through college, my knees kind of suck. Especially with weight added to them.

When my knees start to hurt, I lay off the squats and lunges and just do a lower impact interval cardio. It gets my heart pumping.

After a week, my knees feel better. I usually do 2-3 weeks of this.

SP also has an article about exercises for knee pain. Very informative.

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5/3/13 10:57 A

I definitely reccommend being fitted for the shoe that is best for your foot and your walk/run style. It can make a world of difference. Whenever I had knee problems it was a sign that I needed a different or new pair of shoes.

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5/3/13 12:49 A

First question: Were you properly fitted for those shoes, or did you simply choose them off the rack yourself? The answer isn't right/wrong, but will help. :)

As SparkCoach Jen often says, before you blame your shoes, there may be other factors in the kinetic chain in your body at play. Are you running significantly more t han you have been in the past? What else have you changed in your routine other than your shoes? Have you changed surfaces? What was your running program before and after the shoes? Have you tried running in your old shoes?

Definitely don't try to work through the pain. Pain is a sign something's wrong, and doing more exercise is likely to only exacerbate the problem.

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I bought a pair of Nike Pegasus 29 Running Shoes a couple of weeks ago. The day after the first running session wearing them, my knees started hurting, especially my right knee. I figured it was just soreness and kept running, but after 5 days, they were still hurting so I went to the Dr. She said to try running/walking and take it slow and I would get used to them. She also suggested getting gel insoles. After another week or so, my knees were still hurting, so I quit wearing them. The next day, my knees didn't hurt until the end of the day and so I ran the day after that, and my knees bothered me just a little, so I did a 30 min HiiT and my knees were killing me. My question is this: How long do I need to let my knees recover? I have to be ready for an agility test by June 20th. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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