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I agree that because the pain seems to be getting worse, you should get it checked out by a doctor. I know it's hard to take a break from your routine, but if you just keep trying to push through pain, the break could end up becoming even longer as you recover from an injury.

Coach Jen

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7/14/13 1:58 P

I have knee pain quite often. My kids say it sounds like snap, crackle, pop when I walk up the stairs. I use ice and heating pads after a workout to help it, but I would first check with a doctor to make sure you didn't tear anything. Also try taping it, google taping a knee for exercise and a bunch of sites appear which can show you the right way to do it.

If you do need to give it time to heal, work on your upper body and core, activities that won't aggravate it, even swimming or water workouts may help. There is still a lot you can do that does not require using your knees.


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7/13/13 8:30 P

Try icing or soaking your knee. Sometimes running will agitate your knees and shins. But I agree, u should seek medical advice.

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7/13/13 8:16 P

since your injury seems to be worsening and resting doesn't help, I highly suggest that you see a doctor or physiotherapist immediately.

7/13/13 7:59 P

I started exercises two weeks ago with a C25k program using the Runkeeper app. I started at about 22 minutes a mile and have worked down to about 19 and a half minutes a mile. I have done a bootcamp class once a week and hoped to make it twice a week next week. In doing this I have noticed a pain to the inside of my knee, at first it would be there and I kept going and it worked itself out, now it doesn't seem to be working itself out even just sitting there is some pain just below the knee cap as well as bending, squatting and turning. The one day I did take a full day of rest I was extremely sore the next day so I was trying to do something each day even if it is just a walk. I have made great progress and am so excited about working out I hate to take a few days off now as I am afraid it will stretch to weeks and then...well, I think we all know how that goes. Someone I know suggested stretching more but not sure what stretches are good for knees. Any suggestions?


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