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1/2/13 9:04 A

Make sure you get the right brace for your specific condition!
The wrong one will make things worse.

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1/1/13 8:02 P

I have two kind of over-the-counter elastic braces that have worked for me, both use Velcro closures. My legs are short and the elastic braces without Velcro never work for me, they roll and move rather than support the knee.

Since my knee replacements (yep, both) I gave away one of the braces but kept the one I like most -- it has slots for ice-bags. It is not for exercising, but it is great for after a long day when (even with new knees) inflamation lingers around the area.

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1/1/13 5:09 P

I fell and my arthritis is very inflamed. I am waiting for my blood pressure to go down so they can give me a shot in my knee. They also suggest a knee brace but I can't afford a 800.00 one. Can anyone give me information for knee braces that I can buy for a reasonable price over the counter?

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