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HZLEYES1969 Posts: 19
8/26/11 8:59 P

Thanks everyone for all the responses. The kids all left back to college, won't see them till Christmas :'( but I have to say I didn't do as bad as I thought except for one day, being out and about was the difficult part here in FL if you don't carry a cooler in your car than everything melts and gets hot (water, fruit, veggies & protein bars - messy) I did try to cook almost all our meals when possible and I did use a salad plate and made sure I logged everything I ate (even if I didn't want). Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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8/22/11 2:49 P

I have been snacking veggies while cooking. It helps when I'm making something that is easy to overeat for me. Measure carefully, and you'll be OK :) You can also probably sneak veggies into sauces without them realizing it. I added pureed carrots to my spaghetti sauce and everyone raved about it LOL Mwaa haaa haaa....

Pounds gone before sparkpeople-50:)

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8/22/11 2:22 P

You can have a small portion. Pick a smaller plate make it fancy and special. Serve everyone from the stove and have a side salad. You will have some and feel in control. Good Luck to you. When I did this it gave me power over food. It was a mind turner for for once I was in control.

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8/22/11 10:18 A

Moderation is key, you can have Macaroni & Cheese with Chocolate Fudge cake as long as it is a smaller portion and stays within your calorie goals emoticon

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 17,403
8/20/11 9:57 P

You can still make/eat their favorites... just watch your portion control. Or just have a bite and eat a big salad.

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HZLEYES1969 Posts: 19
8/20/11 2:10 P

Have my boys and grandson visiting this week and ofcourse they want mommy to make their favorite dishes (mommy use to make them) but its making it so difficult to stay on track.

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