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Welcome! I hear you when you talk about the caffeine especially! My coffee mug holds half a pot. When people say it is too big for them because they don't like cold coffee I tell them they are drinking it too slowly! Have you tried teechino? can tell you all about it. It is a bit smoother than coffee, but still has that ability to coat your mouth with flavor, unlike tea. My suggestion, if you try it, is to NOT think of it as coffee. Instead try this hot beverage as a new idea that you might be able to enjoy without sweetener. Wishing you Lots of success!

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I just signed up today, but am worried I will sabatoge myself! I have a major problem with sugar and caffiene. I can honestly say that I drink most of my calories and sugars. Tea, coffee and soda are my biggest enemy and biggest habits. I'm a sugar and caffiene junky! Any advice? I have never really tried to come off either so I'm not sure how difficult it will really be, but I do know that I will miss the sugar at first. Don't really enjoy black coffee or unsweetened tea. Southern girl here! Hehe

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