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9/27/13 3:06 P

In my opinion it is strength training with a cardio component and not a combination type workout. If you noted the response from Zorbs, who is a certified kettlebell instructor, she noted it as strength training. I suggest three kettlebell workouts a week on alternate days and dedicated cardio on the others.

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9/27/13 2:55 P

I really enjoy the workout and figured that it mixes strength training and cardio into one. Maybe I am incorrect.

9/27/13 2:50 P

My immediate initial reaction is why are you doing a strength programme 5 days a week? Contrary to many opinion kettlebells are strength work and not cardio, many pure strength workouts have a built in cardio component, kettlebell workouts are one of them. Just as an example a squat thrust (burpees) activates over 600 muscles, 10 of them in a row will leave you breathless.

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9/27/13 1:52 P

If you look at your fitness tracker under the search box, you'll see a link to enter your own exercise. There you can put in your own activity and calories burned info.

Hope that helps,

Coach Jen

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9/27/13 1:26 P

I track all strength workouts, which includes kettlebells, under quick track.

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9/27/13 12:51 P

Hi. I do a kettlbell workout for roughly 45-60 minutes 5 days a week. On here it claims I burn 1200 calories doing that but I know its not accurate. It there a way I can track my exercise calories burned by entering them manually?

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