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ROBBIEY SparkPoints: (404,164)
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7/23/14 10:40 A

Kettlebell workout are tough and awesome.

AVEINDHA SparkPoints: (640)
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7/23/14 10:08 A

Thanks Mommyof2! I will get myself some come payday...what weight do you guys think I should start off with? I can't really lift 8kg,s in one hand over my head now without straining my back...was thinking of starting with 6's for the "lifts" and 12's for the swings?

PS: you are awesome!

AVEINDHA SparkPoints: (640)
Fitness Minutes: (603)
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7/23/14 10:05 A

Hi! Um..yip!;) How did you guess?;) I have only read up to book 7 though...I do love Robert Jordan but his books do get a tad long winded further on in the series. Still a great story though! Really original. In act...once i finish dance with dragons I think i'l start with book 1 again!:)
Thanks for the advice on kettlebells! I live in South africa, so I think the delivery charge for kettlebell's from the states would be quiet pricey. I don't mind long as I know it's worth the investment. And thanks to you I believe that it is!

AUNTYERIN001 SparkPoints: (11,629)
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7/23/14 8:43 A

I bought my first kettle bell at TJ Maxx for 10 bucks just to try it out to see if it was worth a bigger investment emoticon I haven't ended up using it just yet because I'm doing Chalene Extreme with emoticon

MOMMYOF2RN Posts: 579
7/22/14 8:29 P

i used them all the time when i belonged to gym, they are worth the investment.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,540
7/22/14 6:25 P

Here's an article you might find helpful:

Coach Jen

H0KIE_GIRL SparkPoints: (3,588)
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7/22/14 3:45 P

I enjoy using them at the gym but I've always read to be cautious on your form and to make sure you don't hurt yourself... but my trainer loves them so we incorporate them a lot in my routines

MEEKA71 SparkPoints: (56,946)
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7/22/14 2:49 P

Fellow Wheel of Time fan? emoticon

As for kettlebells, I've been enjoying mine quite a bit! I feel like it was a good investment, and there are tons of free workouts online. Plus, you can get them on Amazon for relatively cheap - just make sure you're getting one that qualifies for free shipping! (And that your order contains $35 or more of qualifying purchases. ;D)

AVEINDHA SparkPoints: (640)
Fitness Minutes: (603)
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7/22/14 1:47 P

Hi! I am thinking of trying kettlebells out..but they are EXPENSIVE! Before I shell it worth it? Are they as good as everyone says?

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