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10/2/13 8:43 A

One other thing that I had not considered when buying my last two kettlebells on-line concerns if the ring-grip is rough-textured or smooth. My 30-pounder ring-grip is rough-textured (to help prevent slippage), while my 25-pounder ring-grip is smooth. I prefer the smooth, but the rough-textured ring does not rough-up my palms/skin. I have dropped or let slip my kettlebells before, so maybe the rough-textured ring is better. However, I still prefer how the smooth feels on my hands.

9/25/13 11:17 P

I will agree with Zorbs a 20# is where to begin since the first exercise you will master are total body ones. My partner has both a 20# and a 30# so she can match weight to the exercise.

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9/25/13 12:46 P

I had still been searching for a 25-lb kettle bell to order on-line. I found a new one at Walmart for $25, free shipping, and tax of $1.75. I need to pick it up at a Walmart 25 miles away, but that is not a problem since my wife and I often drive to that town or through that town several times a month.

The interesting thing is that a 10-lb. kettlebell is $22.42 plus tax, and a 35-lb. kettlebell is $42.46 plus tax. So, for some reason, I got the 25 pounder at a dollar per pound, but all the others are more than a dollar per pound (all same brand).

Well, once I get it, I need to really use it wisely. My 5, 10, and 15 are just gathering dust; although as I age, someday I probably will fall back to using lighter ones. Currently, I plan to use my 20, 25, and 30 for as long as I can.

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9/19/13 5:06 P

Speaking of kettlebells, I almost ordered a 25 lb. one today; I found a place on-line (through Amazon) that was selling it for $11 and $23 shipping. But I can't say I really need it, so decided not to order it ... at least yet.

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9/19/13 12:58 P

I love the workout I get with my kettle bells. I find the 10 lbs work for me.

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9/19/13 12:14 P

I love my kettle bells. I started with 10, then 15 ,and now I think I am ready for 20...It is a super calorie basting workout. A local gym just started classes and I can't wait to try next week. I u tube my workouts..

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9/19/13 12:08 P

RAINA413: I only have 3 or so routines I use the kettle bells for, but I think they are very valuable exercises for me to do. Initially, I bought a 5-10-15-20 lb. set from Walmart that were reasonably priced for in-store pick-up. I found out later that I basically had no use for the 5 and 10. I used the 15 and 20 for a while, but then quit using the 15. I still use the 20 regularly, but did order a 30 recently. The 30 probably should have been a 25, but I got a good price on the 30.

If you check want ads, garage sales, best on-line prices, Craigs List, etc. you could probably find some good deals on kettle bells, since they seem dang expensive to me to buy new.

I agree with CANDACEMM about starting light and finding out if you like using a kettle bell. Maybe you can find a set similar to the one I bought once you determine that you plan on including kettle bells in your exercise regimen.

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9/19/13 12:07 P

Online Now  • ))
20 pounds is a perfect weight for a beginner with kettlebells. If you are exceptionally strong, you can start with 25 pounds.

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9/19/13 11:57 A

I went light with my first purchase. I hadn't tried kettlebells before so I didn't know what I was up against. I bought a 5 pound kettlebell and it was perfect for me. If you're not familiar with the kettlebell workouts, I'd recommend only purchasing a 5lb weight. Start off with something and learn the forms and exercises and move up.

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9/19/13 11:46 A

I've been shopping around for some Kettle Bells. I was thinking about the #20, but I wonder how soon I will want to upgrade to something with more weight. Did you go heavier or just about right with your first purchase? Your thoughts?

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