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KBURGOS05 Posts: 114
7/11/14 2:23 P

We will be having a small Vegas wedding with only immediate family in August. I have never wanted a big wedding and I would not put myself in debt to please other people. This day is for Me and my future husband.

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-POLEDANCEGIRL- Posts: 14,825
6/30/14 11:14 A

That is perfect! We had a super small ceremony. it was perfect!

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6/29/14 8:44 A

This is your decision-just explain to friends and family that aren't invited your plans ahead of time. They should be proud of your plan and support your wishes. TOOOO much drama goes into wedding's and TOOOOO much money. Think of this as a cost saving plan and enjoy your wedding without any guilt!!!!! Way to go!!!!!

MELANIEGRAF SparkPoints: (231)
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6/26/14 12:52 P

Getting married on the beach, only a few people will be present. Then renting a beach house for the whole week and having the reception there(about 50 people) When they leave we have the beach house for the rest of the week for our honeymoon.

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6/12/14 1:52 A

You might want to have a small intimate ceremony but plan some kind of larger gathering, a "reception" separately for those friends, co-workers etc who would like to help you celebrate.
It can be outdoors at a park with a covered area in case of lousy weather, with cake & punch.
Or maybe you have a relative who's membership with the VFW or a fraternal organization has a hall for a small fee, and your friends buy their own drinks. You could just serve appetizers. Those same friends or your relatives - aunts, cousins, whatnot might be willing to bake some cookies or make lumpia etc to serve. Invites should state a time like please join us to celebrate the marriage of XXX & ZZZ from 3 to 5 pm at location A. That way no one expects much food because it's not during a meal time. There are lots of options that are not costly can still be in good taste, and allow your friends and acquaintances to feel like they are a part of this important event in your life.

-POLEDANCEGIRL- Posts: 14,825
6/10/14 10:18 A

We are doing the same thing. There will be only 2 of our 5 children present, him, me and the judge in the chapel (that holds max 12 people). we told friends/family that we wanted it small and intimate, it is our day and we love them still. but wanted it just us. True friends will understand. I have not had anyone mad at me once I explained it.

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5/20/14 12:48 A

The way I dealt with that issue is.. I just told them "I'm sorry but its my day and with financial limitations I can only invite a set amount of people, mostly family." If they are truly your friend they will understand. I'm having 2 ceremonies due to medical issues one this year and one next year. This year is just us and our close family and very few friends. (no more than 10 people-including us) We will have the larger wedding next year to renew our vows. If this is a possibility for you maybe even in 5 years you might want to do it that way?

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 25,778
5/14/14 6:58 P

"we really just want our wedding to be for close family only."

Then that is what you say.
Friends - if they are truly your friends - will understand.

ELP06C Posts: 812
5/13/14 12:59 P

In the very beginning stages of planning a wedding. Both of us want to keep the wedding small and private with family and just a few of our closest friends. We're not doing bridesmaids or groomsmen because we don't want the drama, and we're sticking to a very tight budget.

How do you deal with friends who expected to be invited but weren't? I don't want to hurt people's feelings, but we really just want our wedding to be for close family only.

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