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RNORMAN75 Posts: 283
11/18/11 4:29 P

I use the green bags also, they are amazing.

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11/18/11 3:49 P

All good tips I will have to try. I used to use those green bags but forgot about them. Will have to buy some more. I think I do remember them helping. I was just reading a prevention magazine this afternoon - after asking this question and coincidentally, found a question asked about how to store fruits & veggies to keep them fresh. They stated using air tight containers helped, but when you cut more than 2 days worth, they start losing nutrients, like Vit C. They say to wash, rinse hands before cutting & refrigerate within two hours of slicing (the veggies, not your hands). Also be sure fridge is below 40 deg. They mentioned putting food in water to keep it crisp, but it may promote spread of bacteria. I have used water to keep things crisp and it does help. But, unfortunately, that's all the article said. It didn't offer much help for me past the two day point. I like to eat fresh foods, but they sure don't keep very long. It gets frustrating.

GEEKLING Posts: 601
11/18/11 12:50 P

Wouldn't surprise me if there's some big no-no against this.

But for my salads... I keep them, torn or cut up, in a bowl of water in a fridge (changing water once/day). Stops them from browning and keeps them crisp and fresh, for much longer.

Figure it's plant matter, so it's a bit like cut flowers keep a whole lot better if you have water in that vase, but wilt really quickly if you don't.

DIDS70 Posts: 5,368
11/18/11 12:42 P

A trick that I also use with my raw foods is place them in glass containers. my salads don't brown quickly in the glass bowls. I also use the green bags and that seems to help as well.

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11/18/11 12:38 P

I use the green bags which does help prolong the freshness of my veggies.

-POLEDANCEGIRL- Posts: 14,826
11/18/11 12:19 P

I would love to have my salads stay fresh. i have to make them daily or i wont eat them.

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11/18/11 11:59 A

Thanks. You know I do remember hearing something about knives doing something to lettuce, but I guess I didn't remember what that was. I will try that to see if it helps. Nothing worse than eating brown lettuce. Yuck. Now to work on the rest of the veggies.

I saw this guy (don't remember his name) who has a nutrition website. He has a small separate under the counter fridge in his house (Yea, most of us can't afford that), but it was strictly for his salad stuff. It was way too cool. He had a giant bin for the lettuce, with a cover and all his cut up fresh veggies were in there too. They looked so fresh and nice. Wish I could have something like that.

11/18/11 11:44 A

A trick I use with lettuce is instead of chopping it with a knife, tear it up with your fingers. I just rip mine into little bit size pieces. I have been doing this for about three to four weeks now and my lettuce (either romaine or iceberg) is lasting me Sunday night through Friday. It gets me right through the work week.
My grandma taught me that trick a number of years ago, something about the knife causing the browning, but I never really used it since I used to always buy pre-bagged lettuce. Now I buy a head of lettuce and make my own by just tearing it and sealing in a giant Ziploc!
Way cheaper and lasts much longer.
I have also heard that wrapping your veggies in tinfoil can make them last longer. I have yet to try that tip...
hope that helps!

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11/18/11 10:38 A

I like to eat salads. But I really hate making them. I would take more salads to work in my lunches if I could make them ahead of time. The only problem is, if I cut up all the ingredients more than a day in advance, I find the lettuce gets all brown, the peppers get all slimy and the veggies just seem to get dried up. I have, on occasion, taken a wet papertowel and laid them over some cut veggies, which seems to help, but overall, if I cut enough veggies for a weeks worth of salads, by mid-week, they are no longer appealing looking. Does anyone have any suggestions how to cut up all the veggies, lettuce included, and have them stay fresh all week? This would also help with prep time when I get home from work. Being vegan, most of my dinners include platefuls of veggies, so having the veggies prepped & ready to go would be so convenient and time-saving. Thanks for your suggestions.

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