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Are you a Capricorn? They have problems with headaches. I hope you get treatment. I read that some people were found to have a very small hole in their heart that caused them to "leak" and that caused migraines. I don't remember the article, but was interesting. It caused tiny clots

I've learned a lot from Richard Bernstein MD who has lectures on YouTube and his book "The Diabetes Solution" was helpful to me. He says all women who are obese are Insulin Resistant and can benefit from taking Metformin to help with weight loss.

7/9/13 3:38 P

Congrats to you on all your victories so far. You have such a positive attitude I am sure you will have many more successes in your future.
As for healthy meals during the week, have you thought about making things up ahead of time that you can just pull out, cook and eat?? Pre-made meals are so quick (and of course, since you made them yourself, you know they are healthy) or try looking up some healthy crock pot meals. They are quick, throw together in the morning and a nice hot meal when you get in.
Good luck to you as you move on.

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I have been on this weight loss journey for 3 years now, and it's not been an easy journey. I'm currently at my highest weight ever. But I'm not giving up. The past 3 years haven't been easy, but I have also had some victories.
The first year (2010), I dealt with at least one migraine a week, and that year focused on just getting healthy enough (by going to a neurologist and working to reduce the migraines with medication) to even start exercising at all. At that point, even exercise was enough of a disruption to my system that I would get a migraine. Late 2011, I started to learn how to run and ran my first 5K (since then, I've done at least 2 5K races each summer).
Then in 2012, I was sidelined with an ankle injury, and my husband had surgery and I didn't have time to exercise. Last year I managed to complete 34 workouts. It sounds really small, but I wasn't able to work out at all 2 years ago!
This year, I am off all medications, and seem to be able to manage my migraines. I have a lot of weight to lose from all the medical complications (I gained 30 pounds in the year of terrible migraines). So far (July 9), I have completed 40 workouts. This is even though I'm dealing with a CRAZY work schedule (I'm pretty regularly working 50 hours a week, plus 2 hours of driving to and from work each day).
I feel proud of my accomplishments this year. I know that I have a lot to work on in order to get completely healthy again, so I'm using SparkPeople to work on the following goals for the rest of 2013:

1. Make the time to eat healthy, balanced meals that are nourishing, not just filling. This one's been especially hard this year with my work schedule, but I need to keep up with this so that I don't go back to chronic migraines due to poor choices.

2. Continue to improve on working out frequently. My goal for July is 1,000 fitness minutes.

3. Focus on health, not weight. Hopefully the weight will go down as I continue to make healthy choices.

I could use some encouragement as I move forward! Anyone who manages to eat healthy, balanced meals during the work week, I could use some tips on how to keep up with that.

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