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KATYDID! Posts: 1,829
5/21/13 9:20 P

5.21.13 - Ugh...Mondays are supposed to be the toughest day of the week right? Why did today SUCK so bad then? Well, it started with my car breaking down on the way to school / work. Damnitall - a NEW car should not have these issues and I am going to tell the dealership they need to buy this piece of junk back from me or take care of the trouble once and for all! UURRGGGHHH! Who needs stress like this? Then of course because I was "behind the 8-ball" my work day was horrendous...non-stop. Never got my lunch, heck, barely made it to the bathroom the few times I needed too! Didn't get my errands done and so was just "one of those days". But on the bright side, I'm trying to stay upbeat, I am now officially a licensed real-estate sales person and I am really looking forward to getting my feet wet in this new world! Also, I'm really inspired by the support and positive comments from folks like Pat in Maine (my sweet sister lives there Pat! We LOVE Maine!!!) and am trying to stay on track. Unfortunately I have not kept / met my goals today for exercise but I'll try to make up for it tomorrow...there just aren't enough hours in some days! At any rate, onward and upward (with attitude that is!)...more later.


NORASPAT Posts: 51,329
5/20/13 9:41 A

READ it again and SEE your Positive attitude. emoticon

Remember that will lift your spirit all day long. emoticon

Great that all 4 of you will be together, emoticon

YES!!! we need people around us to interact with. emoticon

emoticon Pat in Maine. emoticon

KATYDID! Posts: 1,829
5/20/13 6:21 A

5.20.13 - trying to stay upbeat and positive on a Monday morning. Was "reasonably" good over the weekend but yesterday not so much. Today is a new day, can start over (each and every day) and not beat myself up for any shortcomings. Healthy breakfast and lunch, will plan a nice dinner since it'll be the first time all 4 of us have sat together for a meal in almost 2 weeks. I will keep a positive attitute at work today, and take the steps I need to find that "out" door. Something better awiats me...I am getting closer!


TEMIWUMI Posts: 159
5/19/13 6:47 P

Consistency will get you towards your goal. Good luck!

NORASPAT Posts: 51,329
5/19/13 10:00 A

You have been gone a while. I find the best thing for me is the community. I blog every day and I have a small following of strangers who help me. You can write your goals, you can do it by yourself but it gets difficult some days. On those days reach out and someone will come to your aid. Mutual supports helps this thing run.
Stay positive. Our son lives in Plattsburgh NY. I know just how it is to live there. Especially in the winter. Pat in Maine the climate is a little different but snow and cold are the common denominator. Make a short goal and blog it and let people know how you are doing . emoticon emoticon emoticon

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KATYDID! Posts: 1,829
5/19/13 8:13 A

Trying so hard to get my head out of my ass where it seems to have been firmly planted for a while. I have definitely been in a funk. For too long now. And it's to a point where I know I need to take steps to get out of it / get better. Baby steps. Spark has always helped in the past so I'm going to revisit and start using the tools. Baby steps indeed.

1. track food / eat within ranges 80% of the time
2. exercise - everyday, 10 minutes minimum
3. reach out, journal, figure this out for yourself and with others
4. SMART goals
5. HEALTHY rewards


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