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KAREN633 Posts: 1,303
12/30/12 8:01 P

Now it's a few days after Christmas and not much is better. I am feeling depressed and not quite sure why. Dave seems very out of sorts today also. I feel discouraged and unmotivated. I thought maybe coming here and writing a bit would help.

Dave and I have been married about 9 months and I feel likke we have very separate lives and families. I still feel like an outsider at his house and I feel like he is a visitor here. I am not sure if it will just take more time. It feels strange.

I know that physical exercise would help and yet I don't go and do it, I eat instead, and I know that doesn't help. I have joined the BLC team and I am hoping that will help me get motivated.

Gotta go, Erick needs a shower

KAREN633 Posts: 1,303
12/23/12 10:55 A

It's 2 days before Christmas and my routine is non-existent. I hope,no, make that I am going to back on task after Christmas. I am trying to not get too crazy with eating right now but I am still over doing it a bit.

I will be glad to have the normal routine back, apparently I am a creature of habit

KAREN633 Posts: 1,303
12/20/12 7:57 A

what an unorganized hodge podge

waiting for the BLC team to start.I feel like I need support and need to give support. I am hoping the teams will be fun and encouragingly competitive. Not sure when new challenge starts, trying to be patient

Feeling a bit overwhelmed with Christmas, to much crud food and not working out

KAREN633 Posts: 1,303
12/13/12 7:48 A

Step by step I am getting ready for the Grand Canyon, I am amazed at how many times a day I think about my choices and how it will affect me in the long run.

It has been easier to pass up cookies at work, I make it to the treadmill. My plan is to focus 1 day at a time.

I am also hoping to get on the BLC team, I realize I don't have a ton of wt to lose but I am looking for support and some friendly competition and motivation.I think it will help me to focus and get ready for my trip

KAREN633 Posts: 1,303
12/11/12 7:01 A

Had a really good work out last night, did the treadmill on an incline and did a bit of sweating.

I am getting obsessed with hiking the Grand Canyon, I am walking on the treadmill and getting tired and I think how will I be in the Canyon, will I just give up, NO and then I keep pushing on the treadmill. It is nice to have a goal to work towards.

KAREN633 Posts: 1,303
12/10/12 7:54 A

I keep thinking about the Grand Canyon, Dave (Hubbie) and I plan on hiking in and out in May. I know I have to physically get ready and yet I just "think" about it. I think it's time to add feet to my thoughts

KAREN633 Posts: 1,303
12/5/12 9:34 P

doing this half assed life change thing, what will it take to get my butt in gear and stay on track

KAREN633 Posts: 1,303
12/4/12 2:12 P

Called off today due to migraine, feeling better now though

Just can't seem to get the wt loss thing right, I will keep trying though.

Off to update my Spark Page

KAREN633 Posts: 1,303
12/3/12 7:54 A

I plan on really updating my spark page, it needs to reflect ma and my goals and I want to be able to update it easily.

KAREN633 Posts: 1,303
11/29/12 7:26 A

Feeling neutral today, who knows, maybe that is a good thing. Not feeling bad

KAREN633 Posts: 1,303
11/28/12 7:49 A

My goal is to lose 1 freakin pound a month. This month I have managed to gain 2.5 pounds.

I really don't think todays weight is an accurate measure of my month.

I have been consistent

I am choosing to continue to look forward and continue to eat and work out regularly, I really believe that the numbers will change

KAREN633 Posts: 1,303
11/27/12 7:15 A

The struggle continues, it gets dark early, it's cold outside, i feel tired.

It's time to stop whining and start moving.

My prayer is that God will guide my decisions and that I will listen

KAREN633 Posts: 1,303
11/26/12 7:48 A

I am struggling to get back on track, today is Monday, so a work day and there for a routine day may be my saving grace.

Having oatmeal for breakfast, ( must confess had an apple dumpling too) packed a good lunch.

May my day be healthy

KAREN633 Posts: 1,303
11/25/12 8:09 A

I just read my last post, it's amazing what a difference a day or two can make. The last two days have been over indulging way tooo much. We celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday and I did all the things that I vowed I would not. Ate until I was in pain and then ate some more, did not exercise at all.

I started my morning today with an apple dumpling and then I stopped. I cam and found my computer, doing a bit of confessing here and some regrouping. I will go and track my apple dumpling have a cup of coffee and start on my daily water. I may be throwing away some left oversl.

I really want to change my lifestyle and become healthy, I am not going to get there with Holiday mashed potatoes even though I love them I love myself more.

So, let yesterday be in the past and today be right now.

RAYLIENET SparkPoints: (7,036)
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11/23/12 9:59 A

Sounds like you are making amazing progress, even if the scale isn't moving you are seeing differences in other areas :)

KAREN633 Posts: 1,303
11/23/12 8:32 A

already have my walk in, yea. Looks like a great day so far, passed up hot dogs for breakfast and opted for eggs, yea me.

I was looking at my exercise tracker and if I work our 47.5 minutes every day until the end of the month I would have 1000 fitness points. What an incredible accomplishment that would be.

One day at a time

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KAREN633 Posts: 1,303
11/22/12 10:07 A

It's Thanksgiving, we are not celebrating until Saturday so today is just a very relaxing day. No reason I can't exercise today.

KAREN633 Posts: 1,303
11/20/12 7:40 A

Ugh, I just accidentely erased my journal. To make a long story short I had a really good work out last night. Peanut butter and jelly for breakfast and packed one for lunch, not one of my best choices but I have fruit and protein bar for snacks.

Have a busy day after work so that will be good.

KAREN633 Posts: 1,303
11/19/12 7:40 A

It's Monday morning, already a good day, healthy lunch and snacks packed, I have had 4 glasses of water already. Oatmeal for breakfast. I pray the good day continues.

Fitness Minutes: (44,529)
Posts: 192
11/18/12 9:56 P

Remember, right now, you are where I want to be. Begin again. Good luck!

KAREN633 Posts: 1,303
11/18/12 9:26 A

I am amazed at what can happen to me on a week end. We are at my husbands house this week end and my children are at their dad's. It always feels like a mini vacation here. We eat out, sometimes we exercise sometimes not, this week end has been a not. I haven't done horribly bad, it is just that I have lost my routine and this is not as healthy as my work week routine. Guess that's something to work on.

KAREN633 Posts: 1,303
11/15/12 7:25 A

I can already tell that I am struggling today, I woke up very hungry today and I feel very jittery. I am thinking about nothing but food, and not in a good way. I am tired of fruit and yogurt for lunch yet I am not sure what else to pack.

I feel like i am really struggling and I am already afraid that I can't keep up this struggle for very long. Is it the looming Holidays, is it a bit too much stress at work, is it that feeling of waiting for the ball to drop. I've been doing very well for about a week, now it seems to be getting difficult.

I guess it's time to stop and take a deep breath and regroup. If this is a life long journey I need to figure out how to get thru this stuff.

Off to go find something healthy to pack for lunch

KAREN633 Posts: 1,303
11/14/12 7:34 A

Couldn't sleep last night, so I got out of bed and came down stairs where I proceeded to start eating Halloween candy, I had 3 twix bars and then started on the chips.bout half way thru the chips I just started thinking, what am I doing? I thought about all the hard work I have done this week and how I knew a hard time was coming, it always does after a few days of doing well. I threw the chips away and came to Spark People to track my food. All and all it wasn't too bad, it was very nice to stop and get back on track so quickly. Packed a good lunch and snacks for today. Having cottage cheese and fruit for breakfast

KAREN633 Posts: 1,303
11/13/12 7:48 A

I did the treadmill last night, it was very eye opening, my cool down speed used to be my fast speed. Some where along the way I have gotten stronger. It feels really good to be able to jog a bit. I would really like to run a 5k next summer. I know running on the treadmill is easier than running outside but it is a great start.

I found that I was getting very frustrated and not losing wt. I felt like a failure, like I couldn't get it right, I just was not losing wt. Then one day I was hopping around the sight and I saw an area about wt loss plateaus. I know these occur but it didn't occur to me that I was at a plateau, I just thought I was failing. I have tweaked a few things, like increasing my protein, I was getting only about 10% a day, now I am closer to 20%. Something as simple as having 2 glasses of water before I leave for work has made a big difference, it seems to have made me more mindful of what I am eating and drinking thru out the day.

Now, with that said I find that I am getting a bit nervous,I usually do well for about 4-5 days and then start to blow it, today is day 5 I think. I am going to try to stay very focused on the small steps and take it one day at a time.

I love Spark People, it is so helpful, I like tracking my foods and exercise and even the extra goals like water and steps. I pray that this healthy behavior continues.

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KAREN633 Posts: 1,303
11/12/12 7:20 A

I have to go to Meijer before work today, my pedometer went swimming in the toilet. I really like keeping track of steps it's another reminder and motivator for me. I have packed a good lunch with healthy snacks for today, no idea about dinner. Plan to do the treadmill tonight.

BARBWMS Posts: 1,396
11/11/12 9:43 P

I am confident you are on the way... you write well... so keep journaling! I hope the pedometer recovers.. if not, then get another one. I got a fitbit ultra a few weeks ago and find it to be an amazing motivator...

Enjoy the journey... love your positive attitude!

KAREN633 Posts: 1,303
11/11/12 6:30 P

Ok, it's kind of like "my dog ate my homework" My pedometer fell in the toilet, I rescued it but it doesn't seem to be working and if that not enough my son accidentally ran over my i-pod. Yet I had a good day, went for a walk, had a quick bike ride got some fresh air and sunshine and won a prize at a neighbors open house party.

KAREN633 Posts: 1,303
11/11/12 1:21 P

It's Sunday of the week end and so far I am doing well.Plan on walking with Erick later and then the treadmill. The weather is beautiful and looking forward to being outside.

KAREN633 Posts: 1,303
11/10/12 7:47 A

I had a "aha" moment this morning. This journey feels like algebra, you can look at it, study it, play with it but all of a sudden you just get it. You suddenly have a light bulb moment and get algebra.
I feel like I am there, all of a sudden this healthy living makes sense. I seem to be on track and not floundering as much. My work outs are going well, my eating is going well. I just pray and plan that it continues

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