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4/30/13 6:28 P

Thanks to both of you....good ideas!

DEA5011 Posts: 221
4/30/13 7:54 A

I have this issue too.
At my dojo we generally start off with a calisthenic type work out so I'll track that under calisthenics rather than martial arts for a more reasonable estimate.
For the rest of class, it depends on what we're doing. If it's just basic line drills or katas or something, to me that doesn't seem any more than just walking for a half hour so i'll try to align the calories burnt with that - so i don't necessarily track the time i'm at the dojo, i track it as martial arts but adjust the time to match what i think a more realistic calorie burn is (so if counting all your time is important to you, then this might not work). But if it's a sparring class, you could be burning that much in a half hour or so...

i do tend towards under estimating, and there's still a lot of guesstimating. hope this helps!

UNIDENT Posts: 33,498
4/29/13 8:13 P

You can't know "exactly". This is impossible.

If accuracy is important, then you need to buy and wear a heart rate monitor that will give you that value for all types of cardio work.

If you don't feel the martial arts listing is relevant, how about either low impact aerobics (a good catch-all for any general activity) or maybe something like Tai Chi?

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4/29/13 7:51 P

How exactly do we know how many calories are burned in a karate class since the activities vary so widely? What is a good estimate? I've entered it under martial arts which is closer to 500 calories, but I don't think I've burned that many in each class.

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