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Kale Chips Rule

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Posts: 18
2/1/13 9:34 A

Awesome, thanks for sharing Fitmarti

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Posts: 376
1/7/13 8:31 P

Sounds good

SparkPoints: (799)
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Posts: 61
1/6/13 4:55 P

I just made the kale chips this afternoon, and was pleasantly surprised. Kinda shocking when you go check on them in the oven that they have shrivled up to tiny bites, but after shaking them in oil, I put them on the pan and put season salt on there - and they are pretty good. I've never had kale before, and it was $2 a bunch at the grocery store. I made about 1/2 of the bunch today - but was pretty good. Not as good as the cheese crackers, but good for something different since Atkins tends to get boring.

Posts: 56
12/29/12 12:12 P

Lois..thanks, I will try that. I made them in the oven and they were terrible,

SparkPoints: (2,978)
Fitness Minutes: (1,869)
Posts: 20
12/20/12 11:09 A

very good!

SparkPoints: (161,012)
Fitness Minutes: (93,587)
Posts: 11,285
12/14/12 9:56 A

Thanks for the kale chip recipe, Haley! I tried sweet potato chips using a microwave device and some hints I've found on SP. Still searching for the right amount of time to crisp them up without burning them.

SparkPoints: (37,545)
Fitness Minutes: (17,817)
Posts: 1,564
12/12/12 10:31 P

The easiest fastest and best way to make Kale chips is on the GF grill. I've done it all ways and that is the best. Brush the grill with coconut oil, lay out Kale (no stems) and cook for about 7 minutes.

Posts: 5,848
12/6/12 10:53 P


SparkPoints: (24,132)
Fitness Minutes: (6,253)
Posts: 145
11/24/12 1:00 A

SENIORSWIMMER, a recipe was posted above, you don't have to buy them packaged. Just grab a bunch of kale from the store and make some yourself.

SparkPoints: (15,982)
Fitness Minutes: (8,627)
Posts: 298
11/19/12 7:46 P

I want to try kale chips, but they are SO expensive. $7.50 for a bag that wasn't that big. Where do you get them without paying so much?

SparkPoints: (2,636)
Fitness Minutes: (1,530)
Posts: 42
11/13/12 5:44 A

I make zucchini chips by dehydrating them and adding parm cheese.

SparkPoints: (753)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 9
11/9/12 10:52 A

Great recipe! Love it!

SparkPoints: (8,524)
Fitness Minutes: (1,353)
Posts: 1,572
11/9/12 1:18 A

do you know where I can purchase kale chips? also does anyone have any good lentil chips theyve tried?

SparkPoints: (4,515)
Fitness Minutes: (4,859)
Posts: 42
11/4/12 6:22 P

I just make enough for one snack. It's so easy I can make it fresh in just minutes. I haven't stored the cooked ones, but before it cooks, it has about the same refrigerator life as dark leafy veggies.
If I made more than one serving I would probably eat it all! Haha! The first time I made it, I went back and made another helping

SparkPoints: (169)
Fitness Minutes: (10)
Posts: 8
11/4/12 6:06 P

Thanks for that! How long does it last you?

SparkPoints: (4,515)
Fitness Minutes: (4,859)
Posts: 42
11/4/12 5:25 P

I am not sure where I found my recipe, but it's so easy, I can just tell you.

Line a cookie sheet with foil.
Remove stems from kale.
Sprinkle with olive oil, kosher or sea salt and pepper.
Spread them out on the cookie sheet.
Bake at 350 for about 10 minutes.
Leaves should get crispy, But NOT brown. If you let it get brown, it tastes like burnt popcorn.
Transfer to a bowl, turn on a movie and enjoy!

SparkPoints: (169)
Fitness Minutes: (10)
Posts: 8
11/4/12 4:38 P

Can you direct me to the kale chip recipe? I am starting the ETL tomorrow emoticon

SparkPoints: (4,515)
Fitness Minutes: (4,859)
Posts: 42
11/3/12 5:24 P

I did try it with spinach leaves, which is very tasty too, but a little more bitter.

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SparkPoints: (83,009)
Fitness Minutes: (16,160)
Posts: 4,752
11/3/12 4:41 P

emoticon emoticon

SparkPoints: (4,515)
Fitness Minutes: (4,859)
Posts: 42
11/3/12 4:32 P

I love kale chips! I call them the "new popcorn"

Posts: 5,070
10/31/12 2:04 P

Love mine. have a wonderful dehydrator that allows me to make the most delicious ones. Also buy them from Whole Foods periodically. The raw section in the store has lots of local businesses who sell there. I can't wait to go home and eat the vampire killer ones that i bought.

I can't roast them in the oven. they never turn out.

Posts: 869
10/18/12 10:05 A

We eat a lot of Kale in my house. I tried the chips one time, but they didn't come out right.. :( Maybe I will have to try again.

SparkPoints: (83,009)
Fitness Minutes: (16,160)
Posts: 4,752
10/16/12 11:56 P

I tried these once, and burnt them. Since I like crunch rather than just chips, they were still OK. emoticon

SparkPoints: (13,388)
Fitness Minutes: (5,710)
Posts: 23
10/16/12 7:57 P

That sounds like a good idea. I don't know why it couldn't be done with all kinds of greens. Let me know if you try it. I am always up for good healthy snack ideas. Fit2win4

SparkPoints: (8,506)
Fitness Minutes: (3,646)
Posts: 718
10/13/12 1:13 P

i was woundering if the kale chips recipy would also work for collard greens?

SparkPoints: (13,388)
Fitness Minutes: (5,710)
Posts: 23
9/22/12 2:21 P

Love the kale chips. They are very tasty and crunchy. I don't miss the potato chips others are munching on at gatherings. Now people are beginning to ask about kale chips and sample mine. Glad to pass on healthy snacking!

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