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4/8/11 3:34 A

Weightloss for 2011:

Check-In Point: 156.0 lbs @ 31.5% bodyfat (Jan. 28)
Check-In Point: 151.2 lbs @ 31.2% bodyfat (Feb. 25)
Check-In Point: 149.8 lbs @ 26.9% bodyfat (Apr. 01)
Check-In Point: 148.8 lbs @ 28.5% bodyfat (Apr. 21)

After P90X:

Check-In Point: 155.0 lbs @ 29.6% bodyfat (Aug. 01)
Check-In Point: 150.0 lbs @ 28.8% bodyfat (Sep. 05)

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10/18/10 2:48 A

Adjusted Weightloss Plan as of October 2010 Weigh-In:

I'm doing pretty good with my current plan of 3 days of cardio and 2 days of strength training. The 3 days consist of 45 minutes of cardio broken down into 30 minutes spent on two gym machines which typically consist of an elliptical (30 minutes) and a stepper (15 minutes). And the strength training is something I found on an iphone app that's been working well for me surprisingly. One day involves exercises that uses dumbbells, resistance bands, and I'm suppose to a exercise ball, but I use a chair instead, while the other day are bodyweight exercises. Obviously, I've done away with the elliptical I bought before because it was too noisy (I live in a dorm) and I'm in the gym now.

My 7-Day Calorie Plan is:

Monday: 1248
Tuesday: 1248
Wednesday: 1498
Thursday: 1248
Friday: 1248
Saturday: 1373

I'm not sure where my calorie plan is going from here. I have a site that has several weight-loss tools on it and it helps me decide my caloric intake. I don't know what numbers its going to give me after I loss weight again because I know its not safe to eat under 1200 calories.

I'm working more on what I eat also in order to help decrease my bodyfat. I've learned the abs diet book that eating complex carbs or protein burns more calories than eating simple sugar foods so I'm trying to change what I eat up more which usually involves finding substitutes for what I'm familiar with.

Just as an FYI for someone else about healthy alternatives:
Ronzoni Whole Grain Spaghetti and Linguine Noodles
Fiber One Chewy Bars, (Come in a variety of flavors that usually include chocolate)
Fiber One Cereal
Six Star Protein....26g/serving OR
Optimum Nutrition Protein.....24g/serving
Mission Tortillas (lot of variety...the type I get has about 11g of fiber per tortilla)

Well, that's all for me.


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1/10/10 10:25 A

Weightloss Progress for 2010!!!!

Check-In Point: 171.2 lbs @ 33.7% bodyfat (Jan. 10)
Check-In Point: 171.0 lbs @ 35.0% bodyfat (Jan. 31)
Check-In Point: 165.8 lbs @ 34.5% bodyfat (Feb. 28)
Check-In Point: 166.6 lbs @ 33.1% bodyfat (Mar. 28)
Check-In Point: 158.8 lbs @ 29.5% bodyfat (Jul. 01)
Check-In Point: 157.6 lbs @ 33.4% bodyfat (Jul. 30)
Check-In Point: 154.0 lbs @ 24.7% bodyfat (Aug. 27)
Check-In Point: 150.8 lbs @ 30.4% bodyfat (Oct. 01)
Check-In Point: 152.6 lbs @ 26.6% bodyfat (Oct. 29)
Check-In Point: 148.8 lbs @ 29.5% bodyfat (Nov. 24)
Check-In Point: 148.0 lbs @ 28.0% bodyfat (Dec. 17)

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1/10/10 10:22 A

New Weightloss Plan for 2010!!!

I didn't do too well with the P90x and have since handed it off as a christmas gift. Maybe not exactly what I'm looking for, but I've finally have a good source of cardio which is what I was wanting but never really had the energy or time after work to do so.

I've IRONMAN 1815 elliptical!!!!!

And I'm now going to start putting my weightloss schedule together and the scale is back in. Originally I'd put it aside because it was doing more harm than good, but here is the caloric schedule for now. I'll probably redo at the end of the month.


Monday: 1368
Tuesday: 1368
Wednesday: 1642
Thursday: 1368
Friday: 1368
Saturday: 1505
Sunday: 1368

I'm trying to work out @ least 5 days a week @ least 30 minutes. I don't plan on exercising on Sundays because that will serve as a rest. And basically keep eating as I have since I've kept to that more than anything else.

Well, that is the plan and hopefully it works. I plan to keep progress in the post after this one.


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10/6/09 2:29 A

New Rogue plan FOR Rogue:

I thrown away the scale and now I just pray that I workout. School is hectic along with a number of other things so here's my plan.

I do P90X (whatever is on the schedule next) my calorie count goes as follows:

Sunday: 1328
Monday: 1328
Tuesday: 1328
Wednesday: 1594
Thursday: 1328
Friday: 1328
Saturday: 1461

I hope to get a day in at the gym at some point, but who knows when that is going to be. Anyway, this is the plan until.

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2/28/09 7:11 P

Trying to see how new diet plan is working:

It consists of using the the previous weekly caloric plan of dieting and really, really watching calories and sticking to my workout plan which consists of 5 days of cardio, in which, I make sure I create a 400 - 500 calorie deficit and 3 days of strength training (M, W, F).

My progress will be recorded below:
down 1.4 lbs 35.7% bodyfat

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8/31/08 3:36 P

I'm tempted to change my diet regimen in order to get the stomach I want. I purchased the Abs Diet for Women book, but the book is pretty big and I need to absorb some more information to know what I need to do.

On another front, I was a bigger size a couple of months ago at a smaller weight than I am now. That is really blowing my mind right now and making me feel like I'm doing something right, but I guess we'll see in the end.

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8/3/08 9:25 P

After changing my caloric range for one week and having success, I'm going to implement a 5-week alternative plan to keep everything shook up.

2 day-lower number, 2 day higher number (1200-1400)
2 day-lower number, 1 day higher number (1300-1600)
2 day-lower number, 2 day higher number (1400-1500)
2 day-lower number, 1 day higher number (1200-1400)
2 day-lower number, 2 day higher number (1300-1600)


BMR, while similiar to RMR, is found under more restrictive circumstances compared to RMR. So I'm switching over to BMR measurements versus RMR measurements. In case people reading don't know, BMR is the amount of calories a person burns when a person is awake but at complete rest.

Link to calculate:

Another helpful link:

I guess this can be use a bottomline to losing the lbs. Create a calorie deficit, preferably around 500, and lose the weight.

Calories consumed - (Exercise calories + BMR) = Deficit

Negative calorie balance is essential to lose body fat.

Calories not only count, they are the bottom line when it comes to fat loss. If you are eating more calories than you expend, you simply will not lose fat, no matter what type of foods or food combinations you eat. Some foods do get stored as fat more easily than others, but always bear in mind that too much of anything, even "healthy food," will get stored as fat. You cannot override the laws of thermodynamics and energy balance. You must be in a calorie deficit to burn fat. This will force your body to use stored body fat to make up for the energy deficit. There are 3500 calories in a pound of stored body fat. If you create a 3500-calorie deficit in a week through diet, exercise or a combination of both, you will lose one pound. If you create a 7000 calories deficit in a week you will lose two pounds. The calorie deficit can be created through diet, exercise or preferably, with a combination of both. Because we already factored in the exercise deficit by using an activity multiplier, the deficit we are concerned with here is the dietary deficit.

Positive calorie balance is essential to gain lean bodyweight

If you want to gain lean bodyweight and become more muscular, you must consume more calories than you burn up in a day. Provided that you are participating in a weight-training program of a sufficient intensity, frequency and volume, the caloric surplus will be used to create new muscle tissue. Once you've determined your TDEE, the next step is to increase your calories high enough above your TDEE that you can gain weight. It is a basic law of energy balance that you must be on a positive calorie balance diet to gain muscular bodyweight. A general guideline for a starting point for gaining weight is to add approximately 300-500 calories per day onto your TDEE. An alternate method is to add an additional 15 - 20% onto your TDEE.

Good link to BMR information:

Harris Benedict Formula
To determine your total daily calorie needs, multiply your BMR by the appropriate activity factor, as follows:

If you are sedentary (little or no exercise) : Calorie-Calculation = BMR x 1.2
If you are lightly active (light exercise/sports 1-3 days/week) : Calorie-Calculation = BMR x 1.375
If you are moderatetely active (moderate exercise/sports 3-5 days/week) : Calorie-Calculation = BMR x 1.55
If you are very active (hard exercise/sports 6-7 days a week) : Calorie-Calculation = BMR x 1.725
If you are extra active (very hard exercise/sports & physical job or 2x training) : Calorie-Calculation = BMR x 1.9

Calorie Needs to Gain Weight
Once you know the number of calories you need to maintain your weight (using our BMR Calculator in conjunction with our Harris Benedict Equation, you can easily calculate the number of calories you need in order to gain weight.

If you want to gain body weight, you need to consume more calories than you burn. One pound of body weight is roughly equivalent to 3500 calories, so eating an extra 500 calories per day will cause you to gain one pound a week.

For optimum health, if you increase your calories to gain weight then (health permitting) gradually increase your level of physical exercise in order to maintain or increase your lean body mass. The benefits of exercise on physical and mental health are well documented and shouldn't be ignored.

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7/28/08 9:06 P

Activity level is decreasing for now so my caloric intake is going from 1400 - 1600 calories for now.

Concentrating on lowering my fat intake. Taking in good carbs and things that are high in fiber and protein.

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7/20/08 9:03 P

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7/13/08 4:30 P

Added focus strength-training workouts through the week:

Freestyle Day to hit my "worry" areas.

Glutes Day for the lower-body

Arm Day to hit the triceps hard which is the part that typically gets flabby.

Circuit training day because a lot of times its actually funny trying to keep up.

Chest/Back/Core day since muscle burns fat and my core is too weak.

Trying to keep changing things up so I won't get bored. Good so far. Still burning at least 600 calories in cardio with the exception of circuit training.

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6/30/08 11:06 P

Well, my legs are better with the running and my endurance is a lot better. I'm steady working out the kinks trying to figure out how to get the best out of it.

I hydrate myself very well before I go running versus stuffing myself since the problem moreso lies in lack of liquids instead of lack of calories and will be incorporating my old strength training routine back in.

Hopefully there are better results @ the end of this week.

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6/28/08 1:29 A

Running is my new baby. It's being good to me and I'm trying to stay focus and motivated.

Weeks Running:
1st Week - 3.2 lbs
2nd Week - 0.8 lbs
3rd Week - 2.4 lbs
4th Week - 0.0 lbs Weight Up, Bodyfat went down
5th Week - 0.0 lbs Weight Up
6th Week - 4.0 lbs
7th Week - 0.2 lbs
8th Week - 2.8 lbs Weight Up, Body fat down
9th Week - 6.4 lbs
10th Week - 1.8 lbs Weight Up, Body fat down
11th Week - 1.8 lbs Weight Up, Body fat down
12th Week - Didn't Weigh in
13th Week - 5.2 lbs Body fat down
14th Week - 0.6 lbs down, Body fat up

Didn't flush out my body for the 5th and 7th week so I didn't see any big results. 12th week I didn't have my scale.

This is with the same dieting plan I've had before. I get @ least two days of strength training in and frequently throw in extra days where I have the room.

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6/20/08 11:31 P

Change my route and due to the demands all this is putting on my lower body, I'm going to cut some of my strength training routine a little because my legs are usually too tired to do anything else. And pulling a big hill jogging can compensate for lunges.

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6/13/08 2:10 A

Currently, I'm trying to increase the average number of miles I run/walk/jog:

June: 109.96 miles
July: 079.77 miles

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6/9/08 2:26 A

Hi, My name is Nekki. And I started on my diet in April of 2006 at 255 lbs. Me learning how to work this thing has been a work in process but by and by I've figured it out.

I started out pretty ignorant of how many calories I should eat. In '03, I was doing 300-500 calories for about 2 months. Stop dieting. In '06, I started out at 800 calories and steadily increase to 1200 calories while having the same progress. Some time later I met the dreaded plateau and the 2-week program was developed sometime after in response to that.

Around August 2007, I hit the 140 mark but unfortunately I gain more than a few back but now I'm back to lose the excess weight. My routine's have varied heavily since 2006 but I can give you the basics.

I always keep in mind what my Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) is or the amount of calories my body burns without exercise. For anyone interested, this is the link for that: Round down and that's the minimum amount of calories consumed (me: 1500) and then add 300 to that number and that's the maximum of calories consumed (me: 1800).

While dieting, one thing I had problems with was hitting plateau or my body being stuck at a point where no matter I do, it won't let go of the fat. So I created a 2-week alternative plan as far as my caloric intake goes. The first week I take in 1500 calories two days, and then 1800 calories one day, and repeat till the end of the week. The second week, I take in 1500 calories two days, and then 1800 calories two days. And it keeps my body losing the

Building muscle is always important so, I make sure I have a strength training plan implemented. Typically more loosely than the cardio plan. Sunday is freestyle day. I mess around with the parts that bother me the most. Triceps, Glutes, Legs, Arms which is almost the entire body but not quite. At least 3 times throughout the week, I work the entire body. might throw in a little extra here and there. I found a good plan on Essence's magazine website:

Currently, this is what is working for me. Got any questions or wanna know anything more, then sparkmail me.

~~You've Just Been Sparked.


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