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12/13/12 2:10 P

Of course it can! Your tastes are learned... not inborn. And they can change as you grow and change, too. There is some inborn component (particularly with aversions) but most of what you eat you eat because you learned to eat it!

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12/13/12 2:04 P


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12/13/12 1:55 P

ME TOO! I used to love sweet foods and now I don't really care. I will still have a home baked cupcake sometimes, but store bought stuff just doesn't taste good anymore. The first month I was eating well and working out consistently, I remember my head was saying I wanted a muffin or cake but when I tried to imagine eating one I realized I really didn't want it. I did that again this week. I wanted a donut so I looked at them while I was at the store and then walked away because they didn't look good to me and they even smelled too sweet. I don't even like the taste of agave any more. Sugar and salt are two ingredients that I can now detect in minute amounts and not like.

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12/13/12 1:10 P

I think it does, because I used to love stuff like that and now it is too sweet.

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12/13/12 1:04 P

Loving sweets-- me too.

But about two years ago, I decided to take the plunge into the raw world. My chiropractor had a friend who was a raw food chef/instructor. Apparently she prepared baskets of foods for her clients. My idea of raw food was a salad or some carrot sticks. Unbeknownst to me, my world was going to be opened into glorious textures, tastes and sweets as well. (ever had raw cheese cake or raw tiramisu or a raw cinnamon roll-- no-- then you my friend haven't lived). Anyway, I met her and became a client. After about 2months on the diet, I noticed that there were just certain things I could no longer stomach.

This was put to a test 5 months later when my Nephew hit 18. The Celebrant gets to choose where they want to go to eat and what kind of cake they want. He chose Buffalo Wild Wings and an ice cream cake. Just put it this way, there is absolutely nothing that I can eat at BWW. Now don't tell me they have salads-- their salads are a complete joke. A small bed of lettuce with some onion, a cucumber, a handful of cherry tomatoes and the worst dressings in the world. I did some chicken wings and one of the small side salads but not at all satisfied. Anyway we got back to the house and had cake. needless to say the cake was good. I love icecream and when it is put with cake, YUM.
OK, not so yum at 2 in the morning. Suddenly I felt really sick. No it was not food poisoning. It was worse. My stomach didn't like me going back to my old ways. It was telling me in no uncertain terms that it was ticked off.

I called my chef/friend. She asked me what I ate. Her remedy-- have two green smoothies-- one for breakfast and one for lunch. Have the zucchini with marinara sauce for dinner. Drink lots of water. I can't remember what she had me put in the smoothies, but they hit my stomach and it was doing a literal happy dance.

So the answer to the question-- can your sweet tooth change-- absolutely. IT is just how you perceive and warrant that change. i don't do a lot of cookies anymore. Don't get me wrong. There are plenty of sweet things I can make on a raw diet plan and I do, but the items are not made with white flour or white sugar. I use coconut nectar over agave, I use stevia when necessary, I use dates and other fruits to sweeten, and Grade B maple syrup or raw honey when the mood gets me.

Funny I was a pop tart junkie too. I could go through the whole box in one day if i had a mind to as well as a box of oreos. Now if I look at a pop tart or smell one, my stomach is like "absolutely positively not. you are not giving me that thing."

The better and more whole foods you eat, the less the cravings for sugar. My MD had me drink a glass of lemon water every morning.

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12/13/12 11:57 A

I still absolutely loved home baked goods. Cookies, cake, whatever. But I have found that my love for processed store-bought stuff has gone away. I used to LOVE strawberry frosted pop tarts. Two of them used to be my breakfast and sometimes I'd have 2 more in the afternoon (gee I wonder why I got fat?). But, on Thanksgiving I decided to have some (BF asked me to buy them but then never ate them! Grrr) since I was up early and was busy cooking the food for the day and didn't want to sit down to eat a real breakfast. I found they weren't that good, and I felt a little ill after eating them. Same goes for those cheapo lemon sandwich cookies, the ones you can buy a whole package of for like $2. I used to LOVE them. Now I've had over half a package sitting in my pantry for months, I have no desire to eat them. I should just throw them out.

But still, put some real home baked cookies in front of me, and it's really really hard to eat them moderately. I made some molasses crinkles on Saturday as we had people over, and I've been slowly eating them, 2 per day. They're almost gone now. It's taken A LOT of willpower to not eat 5 in one sitting.

12/13/12 10:55 A

Definitly. I can't believe how different my taste is from what it was 6 months ago.

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12/13/12 10:20 A

WISHICOULDFLY - your post describes me too! I used to love anything sweet and also didn't get the point of the non-rich non-super-sweet sweets! Today, my husband and I had planned to work in a treat. He requested a particular type of pastry and I wanted a lemon bar or lemon tart. I went to the patisserie but they had neither; I ended up going around to 6 or 7 patisseries (I live in a very sweet city...) and NONE of them had what I wanted -- I looked at everything they had and yet didn't *want* any of it. I kept telling myself "just get something here, pick something nice" but I didn't want any of it. I can crave that stuff but then when I get to the sweet shop and I'm staring at it, I don't actually want it at all. I ended up just going to the supermarket and buying a box of dark chocolate truffles so we could have a few and then give the rest away easily. They are tiny, like thimbles, I had 3, and I don't want any more.

I still crave the stuff when it doesn't fit in my calories. But when it does and I've decided to have something sweet, I'm pretty hard pressed to find something I actually want. I call that progress!!!!

(I too get the dreadful nausea / sweating / feeling of imminent doom from eating too much sugar now, which never happened when I ate that stuff regularly. Salty junk food doesn't seem to have that affect but the sweet stuff .... UGH.)

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12/13/12 12:22 A

I'm a chocolate addict. Once I have some, I keep wanting more. I've been chocolate free for 94 days. I'm so shocked that I haven't been craving it. I still have sweets sometimes. By eliminating chocolate, my sweet preferences have been greatly reduced.

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12/12/12 11:40 P

Until I cleaned up my diet, I didn't have ANY problem with eating a whole can of frosting. Still sounds lovely, actually.

But the reality these days is that one bite makes me want to eat THE WHOLE COOKIE. But about 5 minutes in, I get sick as a dog. It's like the worst hangover because you don't even get to have a wild night on the town - you just feel like a fever is coming on and you're shaky and nauseous and just ugh.

BTW - I don't believe there is a "normal." I mean, "normal" people are overweight in the US (and the UK). And then I look at my coworkers who all do healthy a little differently - low fat guy, low carb girl, paleo people, just-eat-healthy-enough-to-play-sports, whole foods diet chick, raw foods diet chick...there are a ton of ways to be healthy and you just figure out which one works for you - there isn't a normal as far as I can see. :)

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12/12/12 11:07 P

For sure! It's amazing. The less you eat, the less you want it. I know of a lot of people, on here especially, who quit sugar cold turkey and found that their cravings disappeared. I'm reducing my sugar consumption now, and the other day my boyfriend gave me a bag full of individually wrapped Russell Stover chocolates, and instead of eating all of them in one day like I would in the past, I'm only eating one each day. For once in my life I only want one! I'm hoping by the time Christmas rolls around, I'll be able to control myself and have only ONE cookie or ONE piece of chocolate or ONE cupcake. Before I'd go nuts and lose count of how many I had.

12/12/12 10:00 P

I have always LOVED sweets. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon I think it became even more of an obsession for me because I hardly ever got them as a kid. Years later when I had my own money to spend I would buy candy or even frosting and eat the entire container. In ONE sitting. Seriously. I did not even get sick. It always mystified me whenever someone would claim that fudge, candy, frosting, etc. was “too rich” or “sickly sweet” and I thought, “No it’s not. It is Heaven!” When people would praise a cookie or any other baked good and add that “It’s not too sweet, so it delicious”, I thought to myself, “What is the point of having something sweet if it is not sweet?”

I have noticed that if I am really on program and eating healthy, my cravings disappear. I have been on a pretty good healthy eating streak for a while now and have had an occasional treat when I had enough wiggle room to include it within my calories range. Today, someone brought in a giant layered chocolate chip cookie with frosting. I had enough extra calories to spend, so I cut myself a very thin sliver to enjoy with my coffee. I took one bite and felt kinda sick. I could not believe it. I took one more bite and sure enough, it was making me nauseous. Then, I threw it out. I felt sick until lunchtime. Could it be that I my Sweet Tooth reset itself or something? Am I on my way to becoming more “normal”? I would be very interested to hear your own experience and/or input. Thanks.

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