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LIZABET13 SparkPoints: (14,890)
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Posts: 478
8/12/14 8:29 A

JENSTRESS & COLUMBINE2 are right. I can't give up, even when I'm down and out..strike that. especially when I'm down and out.

I am still overweight and I'm not happy about it. That needs to be channeled into motivation to keep pushing forward. I can do this. I will do this.

PJJJSAGE Posts: 104
8/12/14 3:21 A

It's hard to feel different and keep seeing that same double chin in the mirror every morning. I just have to keep reminding myself losing the weight will pay off in so many more important ways.

But if I could wish away that chin.....

GRAMCRACKER46 Posts: 1,766
8/11/14 10:15 P

LIZBET there are some excellent analogies and advice here. I just want to add one small hint. Perhaps it's the clothes. Are you still wearing things from when you were bigger? Perhaps it was an unflattering pose. I look so fat when sitting but not so much standing (per some recent photos of me).


COLUMBINE2 Posts: 2,276
8/11/14 9:20 P

I understand how you feel. I have read many times that the condition of our insides..our organs.. are highly impacted by excessive weight.. Extra weight puts soooo much pressure on our organs that they can't do their jobs properly. Even if you can't see as much progress as you want externally, believe me, your organs are so much better than they were! And bottom line....staying ALIVE & keeping our organs functioning is a pretty darned high priority. So try to remember what a huge difference you're making even though the mirror isn't where you want it yet. When it comes off fast, it comes back on fast. So doing the SP way takes longer, but it's the best method to follow.

I try to remember this: "If you don't like always having to start over, DON'T QUIT!" That's huge! Don't stop and lose all your progress. There's nothing more frustrating than to lose pounds again which you already lost. Stay strong. Ask for help & suggestions. Feel free to vent....we know how you feel. We feel that way sometimes, too. Let's do it together!

JENSTRESS Posts: 5,403
8/11/14 12:09 P

LIZABET13, Momma7 and Rebcca are so right. In fact, I need to take Momma7's advice more often as well. We are all works in progress, whether maintaining or anything.

I want you to see if you can find a picture of yourself before you lost what you have. I bet you would see a huge difference. I'm with you. I start feeling excited that clothes fit better or loose and then I catch a glimpse of a flaw that I hate, or a chubby look here. It is so frustrating and makes me want to quit. But then where would I be? Chubbier? More flaws???

I'm not quittting, not ever again.

LIZABET13 SparkPoints: (14,890)
Fitness Minutes: (8,959)
Posts: 478
8/11/14 9:33 A

REBCCA I appreciate the pat on the back. You are right, I do need to keep working on my diet. Maybe its time to push a little harder.

MOMMA7 Thanks for the analogy. I know that I'm a work in progress and I want lasting change. I'm just disappointed that I don't look as good as I'm starting to feel.

REBCCA SparkPoints: (408,523)
Fitness Minutes: (214,640)
Posts: 22,740
8/11/14 9:26 A

Hello Lizabet13,

Well 61.5 pounds loss seems like HUGE progress to me emoticon Continue to feel the healthy strength you have achieved. Pictures can be deceiving and add weight. Keep your goals in mind and be aware that while exercise is wonderful, 80% of weight loss is about what and how much you eat. Stay strong!

MOMMA7 Posts: 31
8/11/14 9:21 A

You are a work in progress. Several days a week I pass by a construction site. Since June, the area has had slower speed signs and cautionary barrels along the road. However, I never saw any workers, no matter what time of day I passed by. A few construction vehicles, yes, roped off areas, some sand dug up, but little progress that I could see after what I figured was a long time. Maybe funding fell through, I thought. Maybe next year. But yesterday, I noticed more digging, smoothed paths, some parking pylons put in. Suddenly, it seemed, it's beginning to take shape. But really, it has been taking shape all along. It just wasn't visible from the street I was on. When you look in the mirror, you can't see all the positive changes your body has made internally. You say you feel stronger, you workout harder, run farther. You ARE making a difference from the inside out, in ways that will LAST, in ways that build the foundation for who you are becoming. Hold your head high when you look in that mirror, or at that picture of yourself. You ARE moving forward, and that's a very good thing.

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LIZABET13 SparkPoints: (14,890)
Fitness Minutes: (8,959)
Posts: 478
8/11/14 8:56 A

Lately I've been working hard and feeling good. The scale hasn't moved far, but I've been feeling stronger ... I can workout harder ... I can run farther. However, this morning I just saw a picture of myself from this weekend and I'm not happy about what I saw. I didn't see a strong healthy person. I saw a chubby overweight person.

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