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2/12/12 6:25 P

You have so much going on that it seems like you could really use time for yourself. It takes time to associate the healthy habits, good portioned food and exercise, with treating yourself but it really is all for you. It seems like you have a great opportunity to focus on you a bit throughout the day/week which will definitely begin to make it easier to deal with the rest.

I fell off big time for a couple of years and just realized that the good food and exercise does wonderful things for keeping me focused, efficient, and better able to handle lots of things coming my way.

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2/12/12 8:14 A

Thanks, walked the dog first thing instead of leaving it to the kids and have sent for some 50+ exercise DVDs. Will check out the stress resources - I hadnt really understood there would be a hormonal as well as a comfort eating connection

MAUREENR1 Posts: 6
2/12/12 8:12 A

Hi Nancy, really struggle to prioritise this thinking - always thinking about something else so it drops off the list and yes, really bad habits ingrained.
Having breakfast, a walk in each day even if a short one, and logging in to this weekly will do for starters - I have started a food diary and set up a page here to keep track
Thanks again

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2/11/12 7:38 P

Hi Maureen,

It's so easy for us to focus on all the could've, would've, should'ves instead on the positive things that we do.

Changing life-long habits takes dedication, determination, perseverance and most of all time. So many of us have made unhealthy habits such a big part of our life that it is going to take more than a few weeks or months to truly integrate the new habits into our lives so that we no longer have to think we just do.

If you look at this journey as a quick means to get to a certain number on the scale only to go back to the way you used to live, you will not keep it off for long.

Just by making small permanent changes into your life can lead to big results down the road. There is no place for perfection in this journey we call healthy living. One oopsie moment doesn't mean we have blown it for the day...we always have the opportunity to make healthy choices any time.

Every day brings the opportunity of new beginnings...if you fall, pick yourself back up and carry on and know that your SparkPeople friends are here to help you along.

I wish you well!
Coach Nancy

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2/11/12 4:57 P

Focus on the positive things you are doing for yourself and don't be too hard on yourself. You are here making an effort to make improvements! You should feel proud that you are started making changes.

Identifying sources of stress is one of the first steps in learning to manage it. I have learned so much from the Wellness section of SparkPeople.

See if any of the articles or resources there can help you.

I would stick with the changes you have already made to your diet and exercise, but maybe work on dealing with your stress before changing anything else, unless it will help you with the stress. Such as exercising - it can be really good for helping to relieve stress. Even just a few minutes at a time and something you can do at home. Give it a thought!

MAUREENR1 Posts: 6
2/11/12 4:29 P

Really demoralised - just weighed in at 275lbs - highest ever. Thought I had been much more controlled - packed lunches, more fruit, cereals and low cal treats not chocolate, diet coke not wine.
Have really stressful job right now - two teenagers ( never easy ) and an uneasy truce as a partnership relationship. Loads of friends and am normally outgoing, upbeat and optimistic. What on earth can I do to prioritise this weight loss stuff - or I wont make it past the next 10 years - I am 56

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