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You don't have your food or exercise diary posted. So, I don't know how much you've been eating, what you've been eating or how active you've been. The reason you may have been so hungry is because you didn't eat enough during the day.

Many women in an effort to be "good" will seriously restrict their calories in an effort to speed up their weight loss. It's only been three weeks. Your body is still adapting to your recent changes. You're going to feel hungry for many different reasons.

Personally, I feel a person should never go to bed hungry. That leads to binge eating later on. If you're truly hungry, it IS okay to have an evening snack. Have a piece of fruit. Have some nuts. Have some hummus. there are lots of healthy options for snacks. Also, we have to consider the possibility that you didn't eat enough during the day. While it's true that most Americans eat too much and need to eat less. the problem is that they are eating too much of the wrong foods and not enough of the right foods. QUALITY of the food you eat matters.

So, do make sure you're eating plenty of foods that nourish your body. And do make sure you're eating enough to sustain your busy day. Eating too little and exercising too much can hinder a person's weight loss, not help it.

It does take time to learn what our body needs. Don't beat yourself up if you're hungry and need to eat. A person has to eat in order to lose weight.

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Wonderful advice Bunnykicks! I hope the next time i'm in that situation, I can recall your wisdom!! Thanks for sharing it with us!!

Lizzie...glad your night is turning out so positively!! Great job taking care of yourself!!

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I looked at those things and found that I was under in calories, protein and carbs. Went back into the kitchen to add a few things to my system to get me to my minimums. Feeling better now. Satisfied not stuffed.
Thanks for the input. Very helpful.

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Are you already at the top of your calorie range for the day? If not - go eat something! Make it something nutritious though, don't try and knock back that hunger with cookies or pretzels, get a banana or apple with peanut butter, or some yogurt or some leftovers from dinner or make a gigantic salad, whatever, just make it something that contributes to your nutritional needs. You'll feel better physically (hunger alleviated, nutrition taken in) and emotionally (you won't have "blown it with junk").

If you are already at or over your calorie range... consider why you are hungry. Have you been eating really low-end of your range in the days leading up to today? Or exercising but not taking into account exercise-calories-burned when calculating your food intake for the day? If either of these situations applies - go eat something!

If you are at or over your calorie range even though you've been eating sufficiently to match your basic needs and activity level - consider whether you are Hungry or "hungry." What is it you are thinking you want to eat? Does the idea of "nutritious bowl of yogurt and fruit" appeal to you right now, or will only a bag of Doritos and a sleeve of Oreo cookies do the trick? If the latter, then you probably aren't really Hungry-hungry... but ohhh mannn "cravings-hungry" can be just as much of a motivator to eat (in many cases moreso) than actual physical body-needs-food hunger. In which case... either follow your initial instincts and call it a night (can't succumb to cravings while asleep!) or give yourself a small portion of (Nutritious) food. I would highly recommend that you do NOT consume any "treat" or "junk" food when in this state of mind... yes we can and should incorporate treats and not deny ourselves things, if we want to make a life-long lifestyle change out of this, but, there's a time and place for treats, and when you go for them during a super-hungry or super-"hungry" episode, it's very easy to overdo it, which you would later regret.

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6/27/13 8:39 P

Today is the first day since I started SP almost 3 weeks ago that I am extremely hungry. I am thinking about going to bed because I don't want to eat anything that would be bad for me to eat. Any help?

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