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I have yet to meet the mom or dad of two small children who wasn't chronically exhausted. It takes a lot of energy to take care of a growing family. Since all your blood work came up normal, that's great, do make sure you're eating enough. food = energy and no food = no energy.

Some of your fatigue may be a result of not eating enough to fuel your busy day. Not only do you need calories to be able to exercise, you need calories to be able to run after your two children. That takes a lot out of a person, so do make sure you're eating enough to support your busy day.

You might try increasing your caloric intake to see if that helps with your energy levels.

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Thanks for the feedback--so many people believe that there is a magic pill or a magic formula when it comes to gaining energy--the reality is, food is our biggest form of energy production (like gas is to your car). But don't forget that stress and lack of sleep can also cause issues--if you are really struggling to find energy, maybe shortening your workouts or spreading them out (say 3 ten minute walks versus only longer 30 minute) may help. Remember healthy living is a life-long adventure so taking some time to find out what works for you, may take some experimenting on your part. I am well into 8 years into my own journey and I will say, my life is still changing according to my goals.

Take care!

Coach Nancy

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4/9/13 12:47 P

Doc did all the basics. And basic blood work including thyroid tests. All are in normal range. She said I should just give it more time. But I'm just so tired! I work full time and have two small kids. I just don't have time to be this tired!

I fluctuate up and down in my Spark People calorie range. I'm not starving, but generally would like more food. Trying hard to keep the correct balance and stay in the carb, fat and protein ranges. I have had at least one day, sometimes two days, off of working out each week.

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What did your doc have to say? I would believe he/she would be in the best position as to guiding you based on his/her assessment.

Are you eating enough calories? Getting in plenty of carbs (they are the nutrient that gives us energy)? Are you allowing at least one day off per week from formal activity?

Coach Nancy

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4/9/13 12:18 P

I've been exercising most days of the week for about 8 weeks (lots of walking, some DVDs, some strength). I've been actively tracking my calories for 4 weeks. I drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. I've been trying hard to get 7-8 hours of sleep a night. I just had a check up. I feel like I'm doing it all right. Why, WHY am I just so, so tired? So frustrated. When does the renewed energy come?

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