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2/15/13 9:16 P

Thanks, everyone!

MLAN, I am running another Team Ortho race next month--a 7k. Looking forward to it!

MLAN613 Posts: 17,392
2/15/13 8:45 P

I love Team Ortho Events! I live in the Minneapolis area and they sponsor several races throughout the year. My training plans typically peak at 10 miles and I do fine.

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2/15/13 10:21 A

Good for you! Good luck with your training and the race!

ZRIE014 Posts: 13,687
2/15/13 12:48 A

wish you success. train and have fun

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
2/15/13 12:29 A

just here to say YEA 4 U............. emoticon ..... emoticon

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2/14/13 10:50 P

Wow--how have I never found the Another Mother Runner site? Thanks for the link--looks like a ton of great resources there!

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2/14/13 10:30 P

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ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (179,698)
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2/14/13 10:26 P

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I'd find a plan that peaks at 12 miles. 10 miles will get you to the finish line, but not as happily.

As for eating on the run, there's nothing that says you can't stop and eat. I do this during my runs. On race day, I eat gels and I can open and eat them without breaking stride. You don't need them until your long runs exceed 90 minutes or so.

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2/14/13 9:54 P

I'll be running the Monster Dash in Chicago in October, and I am very excited! I started running last May and have run several 5ks since then, but this is by far my longest distance. (So far, my longest training run has been 5 miles.)

I'd love any advice you can offer. I'm particularly interested in the whole mid-run nutrition thing. I have a hard-enough time drinking water while I run; I'm quite intimidated by the idea of trying to actually eat something.

Also, I haven't picked a training program yet, but I'm considering Hal Higdon's, Jeff Galloway's, and one from Shape Magazine that looks reasonable:

If anyone has any feedback on programs, that would be awesome.


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