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BOINKY Posts: 26
6/1/13 1:18 P

Thanks. He is starting to do a bit more with the kids. he is even working on getting assigned to a different shift so that he is home more while the kids are home. :)

OZIETWIN Posts: 680
5/28/13 9:59 A

My mom always said that God never gives you more than you can handle. I know you feel overwhelmed right now but hang in there.

Ask you husband for some more support - I understand he works nights but what can he do to help you before he leaves for work? Can he sit with the kids and help with homework? Can he get dinner together? Throw in a load of laundry?

If he is able to do a little something - take that breif bit of time for you. Sit on a porch swing. Go for a 10 minute drive. Take a bath.

He's your partner and it sounds like you are shouldering the lions share of responsibility for your three children. It is not weakness to ask for help

Good luck!

STARRCHILD79 SparkPoints: (3,345)
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Posts: 37
5/24/13 7:45 A

Im 33 and my daughter is turning 18 next month .... im going through separation anxiety i think!!!

FORTY2014 SparkPoints: (2,182)
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Posts: 95
5/23/13 6:03 P

it should be the happiest time in my life... My son Graduates next week but no My husbands last day of work is Friday... tommrow.... IS THIS REALLY GOING TO HAPPEN NOW

BOINKY Posts: 26
5/23/13 11:31 A

Thanks. Things are not getting better at this point. However, once you hit rock bottom there is no place to go but up.
As a parent its hard to make time for yourself sometimes. I had actually made some little plans for this week to do for my self. however, my son got suspended from school til next Tuesday so I had to cancel them. I will try again next week. :)

5/22/13 5:00 P

Wow that's a lot going on for one person. No wonder you are stressed. I hope you are able to get everything worked out and in order so everyone is happy. Just try to take a little time here and there for yourself (and I know that is easier said than done). But good luck!!

BOINKY Posts: 26
5/16/13 1:23 P

While I love my children with all my heart and would not trade them for the world, I am way overwhelmed. All three of my children (8 yr old girl, 12 yo boy, and 15 yo boy) have mental health diagnosis's. They include: Aspergers, ADHD, possible Bi-Polar (being ruled out..I hope), psychosis, depression, and anxiety . Two are also diagnosed with PTSD and defiance issues. My younger boy also has severe migraines and has a history of a stroke.
In the past few months things have got so crazy that the police have been called, CPS has been called (unfounded) and now I have almost 15 different providers coming in and out of the home.
My oldest has been verbally and physically aggressive to his brother, sister, and I. The only person he refuses to physically attack is my husband. And most behaviors occur when my husband is at work. The other day he tried to throw his brother through a glass door and then took off.
The behaviors are not just at home. He recently was in trouble at school for throwing something at a teacher, lying to get teachers in trouble, swearing at teachers, dumping a carton of milk over a peers head, and skipping.
While behaviors are pretty much taking over my home, I work, and go to school full time and am alone most evenings with the kids because of my husbands work schedule.
My other children need my attention too and I am so stressed. The school has also decided that they want to consider my daughter for some altered classes based on difficulty learning.
Okay rant over. Thanks for "listening", it is much appreciated and I do feel a little better now that I have voiced how i feel.

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