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3/21/11 11:29 P

Thank you so much Jessica! I can see how it's addictive. When I have time I'll need to create a spark page. For now I've been doing it all on my phone! I can't believe how the food library has so many food items. It's been great to be able to find the food I eat and create a favorite list. Thanks so much for your comments! emoticon

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3/21/11 3:13 P

Well, SP will show you the support! The people on here are amazing and are great at motivating! Just make sure you login EVERYDAY! Also, track what you eat and your exercise! Once you get "addicted" to SP like everyone is "addicted" to Facebook, then you will WANT to eat healthier and WANT to workout so that others see your improvement and motivation! When you are successful in your goals it rubs off on others because they see you working hard and it makes them want to work hard!

GOOD LUCK!! emoticon

3/21/11 3:27 A

Hi! I just joined and I'm looking forward to making new friends in the process of getting healthy. My user name is sweetest reward because it will be far sweeter to be in shape than any sweet I might crave. This is to serve as a reminder to me as I'm a sugar addict. Especially have a weak spot with chocolate. I find I'm hiding food from my husband so I don't feel guilty for buying it and eating it. Recently just bought a bunch of Cadbury eggs. Ate them in secret. No good. So I'm here needing to commit and be accountable. Please befriend me. I'm looking for that support.

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