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25OPTIMIZE Posts: 18,108
5/2/13 5:29 P

Welcome Bengelbarts. Logging my food was a big eye opener too. Let me know how I can help.

BENGELBARTS1 SparkPoints: (42)
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5/2/13 2:06 P

Hi, everyone!
New to SP as of an hour ago. Logged my food for the day and oops---might be a very light supper!
Need to lose 30 pounds, again,and want to make sure this is the last time! Appreciate any help someone wants to offer.

RRAYNER Posts: 1,063
5/2/13 10:09 A

emoticon I hope you're still enjoying SP. There are so many good things on this website that sometimes you just don't even know where to look. But I simply L O V E it.
Good luck.

5/23/12 10:25 P

Hang in there. I felt the same way when I found this website. Just take it slow and easy and in no time you will feel very comfortable.

25OPTIMIZE Posts: 18,108
5/21/12 8:30 A

This is a huge site, with lots of resources, so you aren't alone in feeling overwhelmed when you first sign up. I encourage you to work on your FastBreak goals for the first couple of weeks. Don't worry about all the rest right now. It will come in time.

By setting small goals to begin with, you can focus on improving your life one step at a time. The goal here is to become healthy, and in doing so the weight will come off. If you set too many goals all at once, you may find ALL of them hard to reach. What are the three FastBreak goals that you set up?

Welcome to SparkPeople. emoticon We can help you!


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5/21/12 6:25 A

You have found the right place!! Start off slow, by just tracking your food, and walk 10 minutes a day, check in and read all of the helpful articles, sign up for teams. Everyone is so helpful, I have learned that weight loss over 50 is different and slower than it used to be, but it can be done. One day at a time!!!

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5/20/12 10:52 P

You can find a lot of good info and encouragement here. Take time to explore and find what you need to make good choices one decision at a time. emoticon

5/20/12 10:36 P

I just turned 60 and, just like I have done so many times I passed another decade fat. I need to lose over 100 pounds. I have Fibromyalgia, severe arthritis in my shoulders and lower back, and lots of stress. I feel sometimes like it is hopeless. I cannot afford a gym (we have lots of medical costs due to my husband's heart problems). I am so tired all the time. 30 years ago I was able to lose 83 pounds just by keeping track of what I eat and walking a lot. Of course my metabolism was probably better then! I don't know why I can't get my head where it was back then. I am getting desperate to lose this weight and have just one pain free day!

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