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WORKNPROGRESS49 SparkPoints: (105,692)
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1/9/14 9:43 A


DIBRN5 SparkPoints: (7,597)
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1/9/14 9:41 A

I am also commiting to a month. No mater what I will exercise at least 30 mins a day!!! Go 2014!!!!!

DELLMEL SparkPoints: (104,580)
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1/9/14 9:30 A

You can do it.

GOOSIEMOON SparkPoints: (210,641)
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1/9/14 9:26 A

I am committing to a month (and then, the rest of my life). We can do this!

MILEHIGHMOMMY SparkPoints: (2,870)
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Posts: 10
1/9/14 9:25 A

Awesome job! One month at a time is an easy target to reach! Great habits start form. My biggest goal is to delete my black or white thinking on food choices and exercise. If I screw up-I am ok- it's not an invitation to rejoin my old way of life!

AZALIA34 Posts: 672
1/9/14 9:20 A

Congratulations! Great job!
I am commited to this month and I will take it one month at a time. I would like to change my eating habits as well as add more exercice for good. I've been taking tiny steps for the past month or so. I have given up coffee over a month ago ( it was not easy at all ), and now I am completely off sugar for the past week. I have added daily exercice to my schedule and hope to stick to the plan for at least a month and hopefuly much longer. I wish all of us success this month and this year!

1/9/14 9:17 A

I need to lose about 20 pounds and I am determined to do it this time. I like others start and then give up, but now my clothes are starting to get tight and I refuse to buy new ones, so that is my motivation. I received a weighted hula hoop for Christmas and it has inspired me to exercise more. Wish me Luck.

CHEZCATS6 SparkPoints: (17,314)
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1/9/14 9:10 A

Hi there,
Although I hope to continue a healthy lifestyle even after a month passes, yes, I pledge to give it a month. I know that weighing and measuring is the way for me to go and my exercise method is belly dancing and tap dancing, which I enjoy immensely. So, hopefully, this will keep my weight loss and healthy lifestyle keep going more than a month. Good luck everybody and have a happy and healthy new year.

DELLMEL SparkPoints: (104,580)
Fitness Minutes: (44,432)
Posts: 21,742
1/9/14 9:09 A

emoticon emoticon

AMARANT3 Posts: 11
1/9/14 9:07 A

You can do this! Take each moment as it comes, don't beat yourself up when you slip up and immediately begin again to be healthy, don't wait for the next day. You have many happy times coming up, enjoy yourself and remember it's not about the food, it's all about you!

AMARANT3 Posts: 11
1/9/14 9:01 A

Though I did not lose 22lbs in a healthy way, I am committed to keeping the weight off, continue to set small goals to reach my ultimate goal 35lb total weight loss. I am an emotional eater, but this past autumn, I was under so much stress I couldn't eat. My intestines were a mess and my hair turned brittle and broke off to where I lost almost half my hair volume.

My stress significantly decreased just before Christmas and I am in a much better place now. Throughout each day I state what I am thankful for, which helps my overall outlook.

I was always of the opinion that if I blew my healthy eating once in a day, it was blown for the whole day. I now know it's only blown for that moment and I have the choice to continue to be healthy with my next bite.

We are always learning and evolving into better individuals. Stay strong ang God bless.

KELLYDJ51 SparkPoints: (3,356)
Fitness Minutes: (2,788)
Posts: 9
1/9/14 8:49 A

I do the same thing as NATAFER93, I go hard for a bout a month doing everything right then, one little mishap (to tired, put it off til later, etc.),and there it is I am off my square. This time. Though my determination is stronger and so is my will. I am planning to do the mini-marathon in May and I have to get busy.

1/9/14 8:46 A

I will commit to the 1 month! I have started and stopped so many times. I am a 18 now, I am graduating college in May and in a wedding in October so I have several goals I want to meet, but I just want to take it one month At a time!! Thanks for you inspiration!

NATAFER93 SparkPoints: (158)
Fitness Minutes: (60)
Posts: 4
1/9/14 8:40 A

Love this so much! Very motivational and puts things into perspective. I usually go hard for about a month and then I stop...I'm trying to take it day by day and meal by meal. So far it's working and I'm really hoping to get to where you are! All I know is that I feel great so far :) thanks for this awesome post!

SUE_FIT SparkPoints: (10,810)
Fitness Minutes: (23,633)
Posts: 122
1/9/14 8:37 A

Fantastic Nicki. Thanks for the motivation!

BABYNURSE2000 Posts: 678
1/9/14 8:27 A

This is very motivating! Way to go!

TEACHEROF4TH SparkPoints: (123,318)
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1/9/14 8:26 A

I will do this!

MISSMARY3 SparkPoints: (163,123)
Fitness Minutes: (111,645)
Posts: 1,724
1/9/14 8:23 A

I like the give it a month idea. You can do anything for a month. And, then when you see the results, you want to keep going! emoticon

1/9/14 8:20 A

You are doing fabulous! Keep up the great work. It s so worth it!

MARCOSMASTER SparkPoints: (70,653)
Fitness Minutes: (52,724)
Posts: 155
1/9/14 8:20 A

I will give it a month and more because I have lost my focus and need the motivation and accountability!!

INGMARIE Posts: 10,135
1/9/14 8:03 A

emoticon Congrats to you.
I will give it a month too, started a 5 day detox, whole foods, then comes a smoothie 5 days
and if I survive emoticon there is a 5 day juice as well, I should be really clean by the end of January.


BRADYSMOM310 Posts: 1
1/9/14 8:03 A

I will commit to a month (and hopefully a lot more!) Going to take my son to Disneyworld for a week in March! I will need a lot of energy to keep up with him. The healthier I am feeling, theeasier this will be!

SHEDDING4 SparkPoints: (509)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 4
1/9/14 8:02 A

I'm aiming to manage a day at a time and post details on Sparkpeople.

3lbs up over the holidays and awful weather so opportunities to get out and walk after getting plaster off after breaking a bone in my leg have been limited. Back to protein and veg this prevented weight increase while lying with foot above my head. Now reducing sugar

Pool has reopened so swimming 30 min at least three times a week on the schedule.

EWALTER8 Posts: 17
1/9/14 7:55 A

I will commit to a month! Just ordered DDP Yoga, have a week of walking in Disney soon and Zumba'ing on non Yoga days....

HIP-WITCH Posts: 9,534
1/9/14 7:55 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

DELLMEL SparkPoints: (104,580)
Fitness Minutes: (44,432)
Posts: 21,742
1/9/14 7:50 A

Yes I will hang in for the month. What an awesome job. emoticon emoticon emoticon

1/9/14 7:50 A

Wow Nicole 68 pounds! That is emoticon . I need to lose 60 and hearing you sag that you did it within a year really motivates me. What did you do? what did you do what was the secret?

GINIEMIE SparkPoints: (112,188)
Fitness Minutes: (110,444)
Posts: 2,818
1/9/14 7:49 A

Good job!
emoticon emoticon
emoticon emoticon emoticon

BHOGAL Posts: 13
1/9/14 7:48 A

Wow well done for sticking it out, hopefully next year i will be doing same

DRAGONFLY02 Posts: 1,545
1/9/14 7:33 A

emoticon Awesome job. Enjoying rocking the size 8!

ABALLETTO SparkPoints: (655)
Fitness Minutes: (662)
Posts: 1
1/9/14 7:27 A

Good for you! What aninspiration.

MALLEN211 SparkPoints: (14,411)
Fitness Minutes: (4,555)
Posts: 28
1/9/14 7:27 A

I agree Mcharpist ! I finally figured it out at 50 :-) At least we got it ...keep going everyone , I am starting my 15th month of this new lifestyle and can rock my size 4 skinny jeans ! I feel so much better than when I could barely fit a size 16 !!

MKELLY0570 SparkPoints: (259)
Fitness Minutes: (330)
Posts: 2
1/9/14 7:16 A

I will take one meal at a time.

BIRDY73 SparkPoints: (356)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 85
1/9/14 7:04 A

I want to do this. Today I will eat healthy meals, drink lots of water and exercise. I'm up to 238 and I would love to weigh less than 200, even 1/8 of a pound less. Just for today I know I can do this.

CHERYLHURT Posts: 33,401
1/9/14 7:03 A

Super! Just one little moment at a time.

NESSAGIRL67 SparkPoints: (50,493)
Fitness Minutes: (89,469)
Posts: 4,693
1/9/14 6:54 A

Way to go! Awesome job! emoticon

AFAVOREDWOMAN SparkPoints: (50)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 2
1/9/14 6:48 A

I loved your quote it is so true

LIVINHEALTHY9 SparkPoints: (260,155)
Fitness Minutes: (161,971)
Posts: 14,063
1/9/14 6:31 A

Way to Go! That's awesome!

ROSEMOMMY7 Posts: 99
1/9/14 6:11 A

I started last year on Jan 20th, and was down 57 lbs as of August 27th. Sad to say I gained 20 of it back over the holidays, but started again last Sunday and am down 2.6 lbs already. I am not going to get down on myself as I am a long ways down from where I started last year. I am back on track! I also started at a very tight size 16 last year and was very comfortable in a 10 in August. 10s are tight right now, but a few more weeks and they should be fine again.

WELLWISHER58 SparkPoints: (2,339)
Fitness Minutes: (60)
Posts: 16
1/9/14 6:06 A

Working on my first month! emoticon

AFAVOREDWOMAN SparkPoints: (50)
Fitness Minutes: (0)
Posts: 2
1/9/14 5:52 A

I'm ready to give it a month, wish me luck. I can't wait until able to share stories like you all

BLUESKY104 Posts: 9,834
1/9/14 5:49 A

emoticon emoticon emoticon You inspire me - emoticon
I am proud of myself for being a mere 7 pounds down for the year but your success shows how much more I can do - right now I continue my journey and I say give myself a day because you can do anything for one day can one not emoticon emoticon

1/9/14 5:19 A

it's all so relative isn't it? SIGH A size 16 sounds so small to me. On the other hand, I was once 357 pounds, and (re)started Spark last summer at 304. Currently about 245.

Still a ways to go, but as you've all said: if we stick to it, we can do it!

Debb :)

COOLMAMA11 SparkPoints: (169,477)
Fitness Minutes: (107,989)
Posts: 23,236
1/9/14 5:04 A

emoticon emoticon we can achieve anything if we just stick it out.

WDWCHICK Posts: 778
12/8/13 11:32 P

Great job.

I was once a size 16 and never thought I would be "healthy" range, either. It's a great feeling. You should be proud!

KELLYFIT123 Posts: 1,135
12/5/13 8:00 A

1 year and 68 pounds!

AZURELITE Posts: 1,406
12/5/13 6:20 A


12/5/13 2:54 A

emoticon emoticon

MCFHARPIST SparkPoints: (45,872)
Fitness Minutes: (43,787)
Posts: 1,430
12/4/13 11:34 P

NICOLEZOE, I couldn't have said it better! The one huge difference between us: You figured it out while you were still young.

Spark On!

NICOLEZOE SparkPoints: (5,211)
Fitness Minutes: (8,259)
Posts: 106
12/4/13 9:16 P

Who would have thought time would fly so fast!? An entire year in the blink of an eye.
Looking back at this year I've had lots of ups and downs, but I wouldn't have changed getting myself off of the couch and getting active for a second. Who would have thought I'd stay on a "diet" for more then a week, let alone 52!
So as of right now I'm down 68 lbs and went from hardly fitting into a women's size 16 pant to buying my very first ever size 8 skinny jean pant!! So woo hoo!! Never in a million years would I have thought I'd be in the "healthy" range. emoticon

emoticon emoticon
And just to think it all started with my friend telling me to just give it a month! emoticon

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