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Harder floor is always better than softer floor. On some scales you can change your weight by several pounds depending on where you place your feet. It is best to do it the same every time. The feet should be placed so they are centered on the scale. If it still does not give accurate results, it may be either defective or a very cheap brand (regardless what you paid for it). We got one once ($29.00) that i could gain or lose 5 pounds based on if I gently stepped on it our stepped up like I normally would! It went back to the store and we got one for $49.00 that worked great, matched the dr office scale and lasted a long time.

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Just got a new digital scale and it says that I weigh 168 I then step off and get back on a few seconds later and it reads 169lbs this is on a wooden floor. I then move it to a hard surface and step back on it a few seconds later and it reads 172.. I did it again on the harder surface and it read 169 again. Why could this be happening how do I know how much I weigh?

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