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9/10/11 8:39 A

Congrats on getting pregnant. I found out that I was pregnant this last March too, and it wasn't expected after four years of trying to conceive. I, too, have a hard time deciding what to eat that his healthy, but yet takes care of those urges during hot/cold weather.
I tried the Babyfit website, but didn't like it as much as SparkPeople. (Of course, I'm bias because I've been on SparkPeople for years.) There are two great pregnancy teams on Sparkpeople that I've found. Check out my page for their names. Of course, feel free to add me as a friend as well. :)

9/5/11 8:01 A

Congratulations, Momma! How exciting! I pray that your pregnancy will be easy and your labor fast!

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9/3/11 5:47 P

Congratulations!!!! emoticon

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9/2/11 6:10 P

Congrats!! I hope you have a healthy pregnancy!

YOGINILMT Posts: 309
8/1/11 5:21 P

Maybe sorbet as an ice cream replacement?
Also, I was preggo in the winter so I understand how hard it can be to exercise outdoors. I mainly played DDR which is a dance video game, but I imagine regular dancing would work, too. (I, unfortunately, can't dance without arrows. lol)
I also did prenatal yoga and tai chi.

ARTEMIS83 Posts: 309
7/29/11 9:16 A

Congratulations!!! :)

MARIJO150 Posts: 340
7/27/11 10:34 P

Congratulations, best wishes.

KELECOE Posts: 90
7/27/11 3:02 P

To begin, congratulations! It sounds like the pregnancy may have been a surprise, but possibly a good one.

I know you said you are new to Sparkpeople, but have you checked the recipes under Healthy Lifestyle. There are so many wonderful choices. That's where I learned about baked sweet potatoes with humus and salsa, and fruit salads without Cool Whip, and other yummy favorites without the added fat or sugar.

Another great tool is Bigges Loser Family Cookbook. Love it! So simple and tasty. I've only had 2-3 ingrediants not in my cupboard, but now that they are there I use them all the time.

Finally, Sparkpeople has a sister-site - It offers a lot of support and encouragement. I have heard that it is not a good idea to try and lose weight while pregnant, as the little one needs all the nutrients. Just think of this as the time to start new habits you want your child to grow up with. Once you stop eating the sweets and fat, your body will no longer crave them.

Good luck!

BEHAPPY0201 Posts: 678
7/25/11 11:41 A

What about cold fruit that's in season? Watermelon, strawberries, cantaloupe, blueberries, etc. You could even make a parfait with the fruit and lowfat yogurt. You could make a smoothie in the blender if drinking is better on your tummy right now and just add some protein powder.
Since lunchmeat is out due to baby - what about a grilled chicken breast on a whole grain bun with lettuce tomato and some pesto spread? Use cold carrots or fruit as a side.

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7/25/11 10:56 A

I started Spark people back in March. I was doing really good I lost about 30 pounds. I weight myself any where from 2x a month. B/c i don't have a scale and I weight myself at church when it's not to crazy their. One month I went to go weight and i gain 20 pound!! I was like what the heck. Come to find out at the end of April to early May I found out that i was pregrant. I haven't been on here for awhile b/c i know that i need to feed for 2 people again. But here's my what bugging me. I'm over 300 and we been having some crazy hot weather here in Okla. I went to my ob Dr. at the 1st part of July and he knows that i struggle with my weight every since i been seeing him for 4 years. I been drinking more then i been eating and he tells me its good that I'm drinking a lot but i also need to member that i need to eat. Does anyone have any idea's on food that i can eat during the hot weather that is healthy and not ice cream stuff like that. It seem like when I'm expecting that's when i want to eat junk food but due to the weather i would like to find different foods. I also have other medical problems too. I have asthma and again this weather isn't working out with that. So i don't get much time outside where i need to get some kinda of work out. Now that I'm going into my 5th month i need help. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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