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11/23/13 7:01 A

Welcome back and congratulations on sticking with your eating goals!
So many of us discover that eating healthy and working out influences a great deal your attitude and gives you a general feeling of well being.
So what's the update? How are you so far on your goals?

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10/4/13 8:55 P

After coming back to the site after a long time away, this time I think I am going to do this.
I have been on this weight loss journey for almost 2 weeks. During this time I have faithfully logged in every day but one, was pulling an all niter and totally lost my way and ate like a fiend. Lesson learned about getting over tired and stressed. Watch the signs.

The last couple of days I have stayed right on target with the calories and I pulled my old weight scale out and have started using it. Had some surprising results with it. I actually have a portion of steak right on target!! I would have thought it was more, but nope, 4 oz. Am also learning to select good substitutes for my snacks. The real test will be tomorrow when we have family over for our cook out. There will be some tempting eats. I will try to plug the calories in ahead of time to see how I can indulge.

Exercise going good. I think I am averaging about an hour every other day. Would like to add more, but some days there are just other things going on. It truly is a journey and I have to live my life while going this way. Just have to focus on what I want.

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