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2/23/13 8:48 A

At least 95% of the success I've ever had at losing and keeping weight off has come from Weight Watchers. My meeting leader and her support team are fantastic, and I know how lucky I am to have found these great people. I wish they could help everyone.

SP provides me the other 5% via the great friends I've made here, particularly those on the WW teams.

Best of success to you in your efforts to move past your plateau!

BECK1967 Posts: 377
2/23/13 8:23 A

Great suggestion Carrie :) Thank you.

2/21/13 10:12 A

I know WW is a quality program for a lot of people, but I failed at it three times. The only thing that consistenly got smaller was my bank account. I prefer learning about actual nutrition to learning the Weight Watchers point system, and I agree, the support at Spark is great.

If you want the flexibility of being able to eat a little more on weekends, you can choose to eat at the top of your calorie range on weekends and tighten it up a little on weekdays. This is what I do, since my weekdays are a little more structured and I can strictly plan my meals. Weekends are a little more loose. It has worked for me for about a year, and I'm by no means perfect at sticking with my plan, but I've lost about 100 pounds.

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ALGEBRAGIRL Posts: 1,925
2/21/13 8:50 A

Weight Watchers is about watching calories and exercise (they do stress 'moving more'). But the support at the meetings and talking to the leader is its strength.

2/21/13 7:01 A

I also converted from weight watchers - I like Spark People better for the reasons that you gave but also because it focuses on overall nutrition as opposed to just calories, fat and fiber.

I eat at the higher end of my range on the weekend and sometimes allow for just going over from time to time. It's not like the 35 WPA where you could go on an all night binger on Saturdays but do you really want to do that?

Good luck!

BECK1967 Posts: 377
2/21/13 6:57 A

it was 20 bucks a month and although I lost weight I am totally plateaued for about 6 months now so I am going to try counting calories. I think it has to be about the same as WW because you are taking in less calories in the end. The only thing I liked was the extra points I could use for weekends, etc. Any advice on how to incorporate this in the calories?? Plus the boards and people on here are sooo much nicer and friendly and helpful. emoticon

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