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Actually if creating the caloric deficiency only by restricting the caloric intake were sufficient, there would be no need for exercise to lose fat. There are few people who lose fat consistently for a long time just by reducing the caloric intake a little below what they normally burn. Instead, most people experience a reduction in the metabolic rate if the calories taken in are restricted. That makes it impossible to lose fat consistently over a long period of time. There is fat loss initially, but the body subsequently adapts to the new caloric intake and reduces the calories burned to match the caloric intake. At that point, the fat loss stops. That is why the exercise is so important. Exercise expends calories and increases the metabolic rate even at a reduced caloric intake level, and the rate remains high from one hour up to 10 hours depending on the intensity of the exercise, eventually reducing back to the starting rate, which matches the calories taken in.

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1. are you using spark's bmr calculator or another site? because spark adds in daily activities [.2 of your bmr] into your bmr, thus making it higher than other sites. so if you're taking the spark bmr and then adding daily activities and exercise you're double adding daily activities in there.

2. if you really are burning 2000 cals a day [bmr + daily activities] and eating 1500, that means that you are creating a 500 cal a day deficit. which adds up to 1lb per week. if your bmr and daily activities are 2000, you burn 500 in exercise, and you eat 1500, then your total deficit should be 1000 cals a day, or 2lbs loss per week.

3. as long as you used an online calculation, you used an average to find out what your bmr is. which means you personally may run a little high or a little low relative to that average. which means that if you are creating a 1000 cal a day deficit and not losing about 2lbs per week on average, some number is off. it could be your bmr, it could be your exercise calories, it could be your calories eaten. but one of those numbers is off.

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1/31/12 4:07 P

If you eat 1500 calories and your body burns 2000 at rest, it will burn the additional 500 calories by shrinking your fat cells (and, to a certain extent, burning muscle). That's why eating less than you burn results in weight loss and fat reduction.

Just make sure your weight/goals/activity levels are accurately set, track your intake consistently and follow the ranges that SP provides for you, and you'll do fine. You don't have to do any math at all.

If you have medical issues that prevent you from exercising, you really need to ask your doctor where you should start. Walking is *probably* fine, but no one here is familiar enough with your medical needs to make that sort of judgment with any accuracy.

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1/31/12 3:08 P

Okay, Im pretty sure I asked this months ago but I need to ask again. lol Okay, so I did my BMR... and came to find that my body burns 2010 calories a day just being alive. So , if I only eat 1,200-1,500 calories a day wouldnt I be burning everything I have eaten? I dont get this at all. Basically if I burn 2000 calories just by breathing and being alive then I would have to burn another 1,500 calories to burn a pound a day? That cant be right. I dont get this at all. Can someone please explain to me? Its so much math, and i get confused.

Also, since I do have RA and am limited in my exercise what would be an appropriate starting point? Like should I walk for 15 minutes per day for a while and then work my way up to walking further? Guess I still have a LOT to learn in order to lose this weight.

Im going to start doing exercises in my house, like extra cleaning, and while sitting Im going to try to wiggle, or fidget in my chair. lol Its movement, right? And I also had someone suggest walking in place during commercials while watching tv...Excellent! Im gonna do it. :)

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