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3/26/12 3:44 P

Thank you, I will try again. Maybe I just skipped through too fast on that section. If I'm not mistaken, that was just the credits. There wasn't a "Join Us Online" section that I saw, not around 2597.

The Kindle I was given is the "Touch". My husband actually received this as a gift from one of his supply houses (he is an a/c technician). I saw a deal on Amazon for The Spark for $4.99 while browsing for something else and decided to jump on this. My husband is currently on temporary disability and with three kids, my full time job and his worker's comp isn't enough to do much!

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3/26/12 12:23 P

You are SO SO SO blessed to be able to afford to do that. Thank God for the funds to get what you need. I can only pray to someday win something like that. Or just keep on keeping on without the many benefits and much pleasure I know you can get from that. I thank God every single day I manage to have internet access at all.

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3/25/12 7:18 P

I did to, really enjoyed reading it!

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3/25/12 2:05 P

TIGGER2094 Posts: 509
3/25/12 11:27 A

And now, can't find the code! HELP

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