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Just Ate and Still Hungry

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SparkPoints: (74,274)
Fitness Minutes: (63,088)
Posts: 4,055
8/5/12 3:04 P

I hate it when it does that. Drinking water helps

SparkPoints: (74,274)
Fitness Minutes: (63,088)
Posts: 4,055
7/23/12 7:33 P

drink water

Posts: 5,938
7/20/12 1:32 P

celery and peanuts or peanut butter

Posts: 52
7/20/12 12:52 P

Thanks for all the suggestions and support. The apples and yogurt sound great! I like cheese with my apples, too.
I have been doing better as I go into Day 3. Ate out last night but got whitefish salad platter and took half home. But then broke down and got hte brownie for dessert, BUT only ate about 1/3 of that!
Getting better! emoticon

SparkPoints: (2,266)
Fitness Minutes: (1,232)
Posts: 15
7/20/12 8:37 A

That is a perfect time for a snack! I like an apple & a low fat cheese stick, or a sliced apple dipped into 1 Tbs. of almond butter, or a Greek yogurt. Something with fiber & protein works best to help me feel full. If I'm having an unusually hungry day I sip a cup of hot tea. HTH

SparkPoints: (3,007)
Fitness Minutes: (1,762)
Posts: 139
7/20/12 12:47 A

Both carrots and apples are my go to... more recently I've splurged on Greek Yogart with fruit in it.

Posts: 52
7/18/12 3:53 P

Thanks, Tanya and RMarsh. Great suggestions. I usually have almonds and cashews around. I try to have grapes within reach as well. They usually help. This is day 1 of my rededication so I have some strategies, but thanks for the reminders and links. Feeling better now. Had lunch and some nosh. Also dipped in the pool. Feeling fine and ready to wait for dinner!

Posts: 339
7/18/12 2:10 P

I have only been doing this for anoint 7 weeks, but going back and looking at you nutrition does help. Since Spark gave me my ranges I can see where I am falling short and adapt my eating accordingly. At first I had a problem with not getting enough protein. So I went back and changed my lunches. Now it's not enough carbs. Whatever you are missing, eat it during you next meal and I bet you body responds a lot better between meals. By the you have planned snacks? I plan on at least three snacks a day and usually have at least two. One is always Almonds and the other is some kind of sinful (still within my daily calories, fat, etc) ice cream or chocolate so that I don't feel deprived. Good luck.

Posts: 4,947
7/18/12 1:37 P

If you are still hungry it is a good idea to take a look at the meal in the tracker to see how it stacks up in protein and fiber as well as other things like fat and carbs. This can provide you with helpful information moving forward that can help you select meals/snacks that provide more "bulk" that can help you feel more satisfied.

Here are a couple articles that will also provide some ideas that may help.

Tips to Stay Full Longer
Beat Hunger and Boost Satisfaction

To Feel Fuller, Fill Up on Protein
Nutrition News Flash

Coach Tanya

Posts: 52
7/18/12 11:18 A

Ok, so I staved it off for an hour. Kudos! Starting on my second 16 oz of water. Sigh.

Posts: 52
7/18/12 10:14 A

Oi! It is only 10 am and I've already eaten breakfast and now I am totally ready for lunch. It's too early, right? Ok, I am going to try a big glass of water.

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