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6/19/13 10:36 A

Just an update -- the diet is still going well. It's been tough, but I've adapted and feel pretty good. I'm down nearly 14 pounds in a little over two weeks-- not surprising given the calorie differential, but I think it will be good to add more calories after Saturday when we're done.

I'm learning a lot about vegetables-- what I like and don't, how to eat better etc. -- and I'm being much more effective at making choices. Eating at home for three weeks has been fun, and I'm doing a lot more work without butter/oil/carbs.

Overall -- not for everyone, but for a kickstart program, so far so good.

6/9/13 10:04 P

my Doc prescribed the Zone or the Paleo Take my Pick. Went with the zone...pretty easy if you like mountains of fruits and veggies at least for a few weeks. When you deviate it really throws off your glucose level. Will give it another month.

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6/9/13 12:22 P

I have never been overweight so cant speak from personal experience but have had friends that were. I never thought diets really worked well, especially for the long run. Better to learn to eat healthy and less food.

I had a buddy once, in the Navy, that I exercised with almost daily. He got to a plateau and just couldn't loose any more weight. Then one day we sat down in the lounge to eat breakfast, cereal, and I saw how much he was eating. Must have been close to 3 times my portion. But for him it was normal and he thought nothing of it. My suspicion is that's the case with many overweight people, simply consuming too much and not even realizing it.

I see my mother, also overweight, snacking on high calorie foods regularly, Yet she claims she doesn't eat much, lol.

I'd get myself one of those small kitchen scales and measure portions to learn how much to eat. And an app, or computer program to track calories as well.

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6/7/13 12:03 P

No-- no adjustments for exercise, but it's a 3 week program -- sort of a kickstarter. There are defined exercises and mostly low intensity prescribed in the book, so I've been largely sticking to it. Energy is noticably lower-- so I should eat more, but I don't feel hungry (very large size meals for low cal is working wonders) and I feel accomplished having stuck to such a crazy regimen.

Even so, I am looking forward to getting to something a little more reasonable (more like 1700-1800 calories daily except on days I work-out hard) until I reach my weight goals.

The meals are actually pretty good, save for the salads which taste like... salads. But the turkey patty and the spaghetti squash marinara and the kale soup were all excellent, and the breakfasts haven't been terrible -- and I'm being much better with identifying protein sources, since each meal is intended to have 30+ g to hit a target over 100 per day even at the low calorie intake.

In all, not a great diet for any long term thing, but for a short burst, like divebombing into summertime and dedicating yourself to a new program, it's good to have a couple to three week diving in period. Eh -- mixed bag.

Thanks for the replies though. Appreciate them.

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6/4/13 10:01 P

I have not looked into this diet but how many calories are you getting per day? Hate to have your body go into like a starvation mode. Also, is this just a diet or are you suppose to add calories depending on how much you burn during exercising? My meals are about 400 calories each, but I will eat 4 or 5 of them depending on my workouts...

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6/2/13 1:25 P

So I just started Bob Harper's Jumpstart to Skinny -- I lost my way a bit and gained a few back, so I'm trying to jumpstart again. I thought the skinny rules Bob had were pretty good as a reminder system (and I think the drinking water immediately before a meal thing actually works well).

So I'm following the guide in the new book -- going to commit to the three week ultra-low-calorie diet. I'm in the midst of getting into day one after a monster shopping trip and this is what I have noticed so far: The meals are TOO big! This morning, I had a plateful of quinoa with egg whites (8!) and Pico and avocado. Lunch was a redonculous amount of salad -- well more than I'd feel comfortable eating in junk food in size.

So, using it as a guide for what portion sizes look like is a definite no-no. But here's the thing, I'm totally full after forcing down the whole lunch salad (with roasted veggies and apple and chicken) and it was a sub-500 calorie lunch. I'm not sure I can stuff down the VOLUME of food required. The book makes every recipe female sized -- men eat 1.5 that. It's just crazy. Not sure if I should have just picked something else that was more male centric, but this is pretty large in terms of food sizes. My wife's covers her whole plate. Mine is... a plate and a half.

Either way -- jury is out, but I am sure I'll lose a fair amount on this diet. Then to hit sustainable weight loss after the detox/crazy three week period. I'll update as I go.

Has anyone else done this diet? Thoughts? ideas?

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