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7/13/14 2:27 A

Hope your knee gets better. emoticon

FOCUSONME57 Posts: 5,464
7/12/14 5:11 P

emoticon to Spark People! There are some exerices in the articles & videos section for folks with limited mobility which you may find useful.

Onward & Downward!

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7/12/14 1:37 P


NFLATTE Posts: 9,362
7/9/14 4:01 P

Enjoy the swim!

50YEARSAWIFE Posts: 5,990
7/9/14 3:13 P

emoticon emoticon I believe you will find this site just what you need. Good luck on your journey to becoming healthy and fit. emoticon

ANIROSE2 Posts: 2
7/9/14 2:54 P

Hi all..boy do I need this site and all of you...I've needed to drop lbs. and have been doing it on my own but suddenly weight has been coming on without a change in my diet and then continuing to increase as I've cut back more. The weight kept creeping on, my clothes were getting tighter around my stomach and I couldn't figure out what was happening and boy was I frustrated. Finally my husband and I figured it, not pregnant. I'm on an anti-depressant that also helps with insomnia called Remeron that does cause a change in the way food is metabolized and people on average gain 20-35 lbs. with a lot showing up in the stomach. Now...that's no excuse for my weight gain, but it's showing me I need to be very careful with carbs and increase my protein. This site is perfect because I can really keep an eye on my breakdown of what I eat and make better choices than what I've been doing. The pill makes you crave carbs so that's something I hope I can learn to fight with your suggestions and articles on here. Would love any feedback that would help me with this....I know exercise has to be increased...Had a knee replacement last Sept. that hasn't healed as well as it should because during my rehab I tore a meniscus in the other knee. Was off that leg for a while so my surgery knee didn't get the rehab it needed. Do what I can but now I'm huffing and puffing with the 90 lbs. I need to take off....Boy am I in the right place...

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