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KITTEN_351 Posts: 495
7/7/11 2:52 P

EAT!!! Pretend you're a vegetarian and you'll be full and still be healthy and maybe even lose a pound or two. But I hate to say it, even if you starve yourself for the last few weeks, you still won't lose a lot of weight in that short amount of time.

Eat veggies and fruits and lots and lots of water. Lean protein too. Work out as often as you can without stressing your body to the point of exhaustion and be careful. A fainting bride, no matter what her weight, is not a good situation!

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6/29/11 4:55 P

Im getting married the same day!!! Only a month away can u believe it?! EEEK!!!! Can you et a personal trainer? I think itd be your best bet... They can whip people in shape so fast!! ( im thinking of the show buldging brides on slice.. Amazing results of getting their butt kicked for 4 weeks!!) dont stress about it, your fiances marying you for you, and you can always make a goal for your first anniversary. . To be 30 lbs lighter in 1 year kind of thing..

FITNFLIRTY23 Posts: 15
6/28/11 4:09 P

Remember not to starve yourself and just eat healthy. If you starve yourself, once you decide to eat again your body holds on to that food longer then before because it's not sure when it's going to get feed again. Just eat healthy (veggies, fruits, protein, etc.) and drink water and you may see a difference.

Also try to avoid frozen meals. Although they are low calorie they have tons of sodium in them which makes your body retain water.

JLONG4 Posts: 126
6/17/11 12:02 P

I'm just doing a jp wedding so I don't need to worry about dress alterations. I have my dress already and that will be an easy tacking job if I need it taken in.

SCTK519 Posts: 2,086
6/17/11 8:23 A

I wouldn't do anything right now besides eating healthier. In terms of dropping weight, you're right that you're less likely to keep it off if you crash diet and it's unhealthy. The other thing is that you've probably done your last dress fitting and if you lost enough weight that you need emergency alterations, that could be more stress than it's worth. Focus on eating healthy now and then worry about the weight. You will look BEAUTIFUL!! on your wedding day!! Everyone looks amazing marrying the person they love!! Good Luck! :)

JLONG4 Posts: 126
6/17/11 1:24 A

I will be getting married on July 29th of this year and though I am happy about marrying the man of my dreams, I don't want to be the fat bride. I am having this struggle with myself. I want to eat next of nothing to drop a lot of weight fast but I know that doing that I will just gain it all back then some. I also want to eat healthy so that I can learn to eat better and be healthier. Plus then the weight has a better chance of staying off.That way is not happening fast enough for me. I'm so confused and hungry.


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