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5/29/14 6:47 P

Here are some additional tips:

To reap the benefits of the fiber; purchase a juicing machine that does not "spit out" the pulp; rather the fiber/skin is blenderized as well.

If your machine spits out the pulp; then add this into soups, stews, casseroles, quick breads, etc.

Limit juice to no more than 2 cups daily---it is important to slow down your eating process with the chewing of foods as well.

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5/29/14 2:25 P

Interesting-I had not even thought about juicing, but love some of the drinks, would love to hear some new healthy, great tasting recipe's!!!!!

5/29/14 2:14 P

Green juices are best for weight loss -- you want to avoid to much fruit since it packs a bunch of sugar, especially in juice form.

I typically do something like the "Mean Green Juice"

I think for beginners especially, it's important to understand how to build a juice -- once you understand that you can experiment and build them yourself. You should do some research online.

I also recommend "Best Green Drinks Ever" by Katrine Van Wyk, and "The Juicing Diet" by Sonoma Press. I got both books on Amazon.

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5/28/14 11:08 A

My favorite is cucumber, and pineapple with just a bit of ginger. emoticon

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5/27/14 8:46 P

Beginner juicer here. Anyone have any really good juicing recipes?

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