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6/12/13 4:54 P

It isn't a blockage other than the Immodium caused. It either goes one way or the other and my doctor knows it.

6/12/13 4:50 P

My intent was not to offend you; only to keep you safe.
When you shared why you felt the need to "juice" (CT scan, food not passing due to hernia)...this put a totally different spin on your question as to need. Your post makes it sound like there is some sort of blockage. I am a Registered Dietitian in a hospital as well as on this site. I know the dangers. I was being cautious for your safety.


FANCYQTR Posts: 12,838
6/12/13 3:56 P

Sorry, I wasn't wanting information on what I could eat. The intestines are not strangulated, just get full at about that area. That was only caused because I had to take Immodium for the opposite problem.

All I was wanting was to find out how to juice the veggies because I was hoping to do a somewhat juice fast or liquid diet today so that the CT scan will go better and so that there isn't anything to make me get sick from the contrast like I have always in the past and I DID NOT have any sign of a hernia back then when I got sick from it.

All I wanted to know was how to juice them without having the juicer anymore. I WAS NOT asking for any medical advise. None of the doctors have ever said I needed to change my diet for the hernia. The only thing I have been told to change my diet for was to eat fewer carbs for diabetes and not to eat brocoli because it causes gas.

I am sorry I asked for any information on how to juice the vegetables in the first place. Maybe I should never have joined this list, particularly since every question I ask on the message boards I get that I don't have the right to ask the question I did or that everyone ignores that I have particularly said I cannot eat certain foods because of the problems they cause (and I KNOW they cause it and KNOW that what I am trying to do now is NOT a cause of any of those problems) and keep telling me to eat the foods that cause the problems.

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6/12/13 3:37 P

Red flags came up with your statement of "having trouble getting stuff past a hernia".
It is not safe for this site, our members or experts to provide information on your diet needs with your medical condition. Please contact your doctor regarding your diet restriction and what you are allowed and not allowed to eat at present time.

SP Registered Dietitian

FANCYQTR Posts: 12,838
6/12/13 2:27 P

I thought I had kept my juicer, but apparently sold it last year when I was desperate for money. Yesterday I got vegetables to juice (have some apples to use, too), but I am not sure how to do it now. I have carrots, celery, beets. Can anyone tell me how I would go about juicing them without a juicer or food processor? I have a blender. I don't know how much liquid I would have to add to get it to work. I was wanting to do this for a couple days because I have a CT scan coming up and I am also having trouble getting stuff past a hernia.

I was also wondering about the string on celery. I think with the blender I would have to take it off, but do you usually do that?


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