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1/19/14 10:32 P

Does your juicer have a graduated juice container? If so, juice one type of fruit/veg, write down the measurement, then add another fruit/veg and do the same thing. Or, if there are no markings on the machine, just pour out each type of juice into a large measuring cup as you juice it. Then you can either turn it into a recipe if you make the same blend all the time, or list 1/2c orange juice, 1/4c beet juice, and 1/4c carrot juice or however it turns out. There should be listings for each type of juice in the database, and if not, you can google. Those are common enough that there are USDA figures somewhere.

Another option is just to record the blend as the same amount of whichever juice in the mix has the most calories. In other words, if you do apple/orange/spinach and drink one cup of it, call it a cup of apple juice. It's not perfect, but if you're only having the recommended one serving a day, it won't change your totals in any significant way. Better to overestimate calories than underestimate.

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1/19/14 7:52 P

I know I can do that, but the calories don't convert for juice vs whole fruits. The calorie counts aren't anywhere even close. If I pick one piece of fruit that's close to the total, then it doesn't get the values of the other fruits or veggies. For example, the calorie total for apple, carrot and beet juice is 155, but once it's all juiced it's 109. The calculator doesn't allow for a person to add in their own totals. That's the only thing I don't like about the calorie calculator.

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1/19/14 7:11 P


You can add your drink as a recipe and save it to your favorites for later to help you include it in your daily nutrition tracker.

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1/19/14 1:20 P

Do any juicers know how to account for the juice calories in the nutrtion tracker? Sometimes I make smoothies using the pulp, but most of the time I just use the juice. It gives me the extra energy and is a great detox for the organs.

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