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11/10/14 2:22 P

Fiber is really important when it comes to health and juices are void of it. Many people may feel better on juice fasts because its the first time in a while they've eaten a bunch of veggies and they are likely avoiding processed foods.

I prefer eating whole foods and having juiced veggies. I don't juice fruits because it gets rid of the fiber and spikes blood sugar levels.

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11/2/14 12:57 A

ATHENA1966 covered some of the important issues well. Your kidneys don't need to rest--they are designed to work all of the time. If you lose a kidney, your remaining kidney will kick into overdrive and immediately work better and more efficiently. My father became a kidney donor (at age 70) and it barely reduced his overall kidney function at all--the remaining kidney began to make up the difference almost immediately.

Our internal organs never sleep.

One more thing that I wanted to add is that for people with metabolic issues, a juice-only diet could be extremely dangerous, particularly if the juicer is using a lot of fruit. Juicing is low in protein and high in carbs (yes, healthy carbs...but still carbs) and that kind of eating could be a disaster for someone with diabetes, for example. Even worse for someone who might not KNOW that they have metabolic issues...

Anarie's point about the all-or-nothing paradigm is a good one. There has to be some kind of compromise between a junk food diet and only drinking juice for weeks at a time. If you aren't eating in a way that is sustainable for the rest of your life, then you haven't yet found the right approach.

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10/30/14 2:53 P

Thank you, Becky. Your educated, trained voice of reason is a blessing.

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10/27/14 4:38 P

Becky pretty much summed up everything to a T. Juicing does not teach you how to be healthy.

Why would anyone want to do this? People should be enjoying real healthy eating without turning to some fad diet. Sparkpeople is here to help people with that by providing amazing recipes, an awesome community, a calorie tracker... just thinking of juicing makes me cringe... wouldn't that be so boring just doing that for a few days, weeks!? why?!! No thanks.

10/27/14 3:36 P

For the safely of our Sparkmembers we ask that message board posts contain accurate, reliable and research based suggestions.

While fruits and vetables are greatly researched regarding their benefit in cancer treatment and prevention; I am not aware of a 40 day juicing fast used as the treatment protocol for cancer.

Your statement: "Juice fasts for 40 days etc such as cancer cures have been life savers for many." is not accurate or based on published, peer-reviewed scientific research.

Your SP Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

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10/27/14 10:20 A

Juicing is very healthy, no different to eating fresh fruit and veg, but without the fibre. How much or for how long you juice is also in some cases a life saver. Juicing is a good option in itself is healthy. Fresh fruit and vegetables are in-disputably good for you in general. Many reasons for juice fasting include Juice Cancer cures (which i myself took) to starve the cancer of proteins rather than killing all the cells and waiting for the good ones to re-generate with traditional chemo. As for weight loss it is no different from eating fresh fruit and veg. There is lots of liquids and healthy foods should be eaten afterwards. In fact it is impossible to eat rubbish make one sick. Juice fasts for 40 days etc such as cancer cures have been life savers for many.

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8/4/14 1:13 A

Actually Becky, the opposite is true. The nutrient-dense nature of veggies means that they contain more of the nutrients listed (with exception to b12 as I stated earlier) than other unfortified foods.
In other words, someone attaining 1200 cal/day of purely veggies would likely have much higher amounts of the nutrients you listed than someone attaining 1200 cal/day from the standard American diet.
With even just 600 cal/day of low carb veggies I am over 100 percent RDA of every nutrient you listed (except b12, again).

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8/2/14 8:37 P

It's heartening to see solid information winning out over food folklore in this thread! emoticon

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8/2/14 6:47 P

"A juice fast will cleanse your body like nothing else. I know our liver and kidneys do that on a regular basis, but there is nothing wrong with giving them a break every once in awhile"

A persons liver and kidneys don't require a break, period. If a person has compromised renal function, they may be on a renal diet and possibly a form of dialysis. I assure you a renal diet is not composed of a juice fast. There are many reasons a person may have compromised liver function. With the exception of alcohol, diet does not impact liver function. If you choose to participate in a juice fast that is your personal choice. It does nothing for cleansing the body or resting the kidneys and liver.

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8/2/14 3:03 P

And the other thing is that just because you wouldn't die from a juice fast, that doesn't mean it's healthy. It's being promoted as "the" way to change your diet from junk to healthy, and that's just not really true. If you can eliminate junk food by juice fasting, you could also eliminate junk food by switching to a more complete whole foods diet.

It's part of our Great American All-or-Nothing Attitude problem. Eating better isn't good enough; you have to get rid of any food that isn't "righteous" according to the latest trend. I think there's a lot of potential damage from the extremist diets, because people are so apt to get all gung-ho and then feel like they've failed if they don't like it or don't feel well on it. If you can only make it four days into a 20-day juice fast, you tend to decide that you can't do diets and you might as well go back to MacJumbo value meals and frappucinos.

8/2/14 2:46 P

As an adult, it is your right to choose the eating plan that you feel is best for your body.
However, for those following this thread, I do not want our 15 million members to assume that it is "easy" to meet nutritional need on a diet of just fruit and vegetable juice.
It does require the usage of nutrient dense fruits and veggies in rather "large amounts" to even come close to meeting nutritional need. It is difficult---and for many would be an impossible task.

For example, I used the 4 veggies you provided and put in 2 cups of each type (raw); and then checked on a few of the nutrient amounts. For example, this 8 cup amount of veggies would "only" provide:

18% of one's protein needs assuming 60 grams is the minimal needed amount
34% of zinc needs
and 28% of niacin needs

---and these 8 cups of veggies would be dangerously low on calorie inake.

---perhaps you have consumed 4 cups of each veggie---for a total of 16 cups???? I guess this would put you nearer to the 50% amount. And 32 cups would put you close to 100%

Your SP Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

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8/2/14 11:55 A

Interesting. Looking at nothing but the amount of kale, spinach, beets and mustard greens I generally consume per day while juicing I am way over 50% in everything listed except for B-12 (of course) and insoluble fiber. I could continue with the remainder of vegetables and fruits, but it's clear where this is going. Obviously neither side is going to convince the other, but lack of nutrients is certainly not a reason to not juice for a short term.

8/2/14 9:12 A

In adequate amounts, some of the key nutrients of concern would be:
essential fatty acids
vitamin D
vitamin E
Pyridoxine B-6
(fiber---depending on the type of juicing equipment being used)

The above nutrients are listed with the assumption that it is only fruits and veggies being consumed. This is greatly different than a vegetarian or vegan eating plan.

While it may be one's personal opinion that it helps them to meditate and get in tune with his/her body....
Realize that other statements such as a "juice fast being healthy" or "juice fast cleansing the body" are inaccurate and not based on research or the physiology of bodily functions.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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8/2/14 1:51 A

With all due respect Becky, what nutrient need cannot be met by fruits and veggies (besides B12)?

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8/2/14 12:49 A

I would think that there are plenty of ways re "meditation, cleansing, and getting in tune with your body" WITHOUT resorting to juice fasting and depriving your body of much needed nutrients.


2DOGS2MANY Posts: 3
8/1/14 11:52 P

I have done juice fasts up to 20 days. A true juicing fast is not about quick weight loss, as you can actually consume plenty of calories doing so. The only nutritional element missing is fiber, which is why it is viatally important to break a fast carefully. A juice fast will cleanse your body like nothing else. I know our liver and kidneys do that on a regular basis, but there is nothing wrong with giving them a break every once in awhile. I agree it does not teach sustainable ways of eating properly, but that is not what it is designed to do. It is a time of meditation, cleansing, and getting in tune with your body.

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8/1/14 9:50 P

I'm relieved to read Becky's thoughts, as a few friends have criticized me for avoiding juice fasts - or juicing at all. I have a tremendous appetite, love veggies (especially when raw), and would miss the added satiety the veggies' fiber adds, were I to merely consume the juice emoticon

8/1/14 3:42 P

If one really is only consuming fruit and vegetable juices....
1. They are not meeting nutrient needs
2. They are not leaning behavioral changes for long term weight loss.
3. They are not learning how to control their environment, food portions, etc.
4. They are not learning strategies for eating out at restaurants, or modifying their pantry.
5. They are not learning new recipes to include in their diet to achieve and promote a healthier weight.

Juicing is not a research evidence based weight loss technique. So to answer your question----
there really is no such thing as a healthy juice fast
and juicing is not an approved weight loss techniques for life-long change.

Your SP Registered Dietitian

FITGIRL2K14 Posts: 80
8/1/14 9:07 A

Hi there,

I recently watched the documentary "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" as well. Is there ever a place for a healthy juice fast in a weight loss program dedicated to lifestyle changes?

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6/30/14 3:11 P

I love juicing but personally I would only juice for 2-3 days at a time. I like to juice 3-4 times a week, but only to replace or add to an occasional meal.

6/27/14 3:22 P

You are not confused, you are being very realistic and weight loss savvy.

The scientific research shows that for a safe and effective weight loss---one should be using a program that aims for about 1-2 pounds of weight loss weekly, meets nutrient needs, and uses an eating plan that one can "stick to" for the rest of one's life.

A juice fast meets none of this criteria. So you are correct, an 8-week juice fast for weight loss is not safe or appropriate and falls into the category of "fad weight loss diet".
Sparkpeople discourages this type of weight loss approach!!

Your SP Registered Dietitian

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6/27/14 1:43 P

I see that one of our members is doing a two month juice fast. How is this healthy or sustainable?

One day a week, maybe. But 8 weeks?

Colour me confused.

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