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CYPRINODON Posts: 7,586
4/8/03 3:21 P

In my day, you asked a kid, How Does The Cow Go? Answer: Mooooooo.

I watched my sister ask her youngest, "How Does the Microwave Go? Answer: Beeeeeeeep.

JKNEPFLE Posts: 553
4/8/03 1:45 P

Haha, Cyp!

My wife used to teach art to 2nd - 8th graders. Some of them had never even seen a record player!!! :)

I didn't have air conditioning at school until I got to college, and even then, some buildings didn't have it! I know it's super hot down there in Texas, but it gets into the 90's with tons of humidity here, too!

CYPRINODON Posts: 7,586
4/7/03 11:49 A

Wow PJ. My parents wouldn't let me go to autocamp. They said that if the Good Lord didn't want me to walk to the one-room school house 5 miles everyday barefoot in the snow uphill both ways, then He wouldn't have given me two good feet.

For real all you young people, real life in my kid and young adult days meant:

No microwave.

Dial Telephone, No Push Button, No Cell Phone

Telephone Numbers started with Letters that stood for words and numbers. BL4-6603 was 254-6603 and the BL word was Blackburn.

Albums, 45s, cassettes, and for awhile, 8-Tracks

Cable meant that you lived in the country and had to have cable to get two or three channels with news and entertainment plus 16 channels of all day weather.

No VCRs or DVD Players.

Eating fast food was a special treat. Eating at a sit-down restaurant was a rare special treat.

Kids drank milk at every meal. Sodas were highly limited.

At least in the South, the main Sunday meal happened at 1:00 or 2:00 p.m. and consisted of a meat (fried chicken, ham, roast), mashed potatoes, green beans, some other vegie or salad, rolls, butter, dessert, and iced tea.

People fried chicken at home. They even bought whole chickens and cut them up into the various pieces.

At a lot of places in the south, you couldn't go shopping on Sundays.

Kids watched Dark Shadows, a soap opera popular with women, during the summer and anytime they were out of school during the school year.

Summer Vacation started in late May and ended after Labor Day.

Schools had no air-conditioning, even in the South.

Cars did not have seatbelts. A new law went in at some point when I was a kid and all the adults had to take their cars in to have seatbelts installed in the front seat.

Car seats that were not bench seats (as in a pick-up truck) were a big deal. People bragged if their car had "Bucket Seats."

No personal computers. I read in school in my SRL Reading Library that some day, everyone would have a computer at home and at work and that computer would be an incredible tool. I thought of my brother's sci-fi television and laughed at that prediction.

My first job required extensive use of an IBM Selectric Typewriter. It was the greatest advance in technology. My first job with a PC involved the use of DOS commands and WordPerfect 5.1 - no Icons to click on anywhere.

When I was an undergraduate, the graduate students made all of their graphs by hand.

Slides for Slide Presentations were prepared by using a camera and slide film.

Kids played outside as much as possible.

When Pong came along, kids still played outside as much as possible.

In the night sky, you could always see at least one man-made satellite pass by in an hour.

I could catch horned lizards in my back yard and there were always earthworms in the streets whenever it rained.

And of course, no Internet.

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PJINPA Posts: 3,088
4/4/03 5:40 P

sure...we had a similar thing when i was a boy...we called it "auto-camp" and you got drive one of those new-fangled horseless carriages. it was a hoot.

JKNEPFLE Posts: 553
4/4/03 4:49 P

YEAH! It's this really cool week-long "camp" that kids can go to where you learn about the space program. You get to fly a simulated shuttle mission in their mockups and stuff. I recommend it!

CYPRINODON Posts: 7,586
4/4/03 11:19 A

Space Camp?

JKNEPFLE Posts: 553
4/2/03 4:26 P

Hello! My name is Josh Knepfle, and I am a SparkPeople employee. :)

I do some of the "programming" on the site - administering of the database of all your information, along with writing the code that shows that information to you in a helpful way and allows you to track your goals and see how you're doing.

I am 27, married to a beautiful wife, Julie, and I have a 2.5 month old, Joellen . I'm using the site to try to lose some weight and get my cholesterol and overall lipid profile under control. I also use it to track my progress on the SparkPeople Fitness Adventure.

My favorite hobby is cooking. My favorite TV show is Good Eats on the Food Network. And, my favorite book is The Sword of Shannara. An interesting fact about me is that I worked as a soccer referee for 2 years to save up to go to Space Camp when I was in the 7th and 8th grade.

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