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1/8/13 2:27 P

Absolutely not! What would be the point of a gym if you had to get in shape to join one?

If you're worried about what others think of you... don't. Everyone at the gym is worried about one thing: Themselves. They're not looking at you, nor considering anything about you. In most cases, they're focused on not hurting themselves. :)

You don't need a gym to get in shape, but you shouldn't wait to get in shape to join one if you want to. I joined, an dlost 24 lbs and had a blast, made some great friends, and learned a LOT.

1/8/13 2:26 P

Definitely don't feel you have to get "in shape" to go take a class. If you are concerned about it, you might get to the class early and tell the instructor if you have any concerns or limitations (I cannot do lunges for the life of me no matter how in shape I am) so they can make sure you get a workout that is right for you. They are usually happy to work with you and can give you all sorts of ideas for outside of class as well.

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1/8/13 1:13 P

I don't feel like I need to most of the time unless it is a really high intensity class like the crossfit class I have started taking. I worked out a couple weeks before just to get some basic strength back and did some cardio. All the other basic gym classes though I would go in there as a "newbie" and not be worried about it. :)

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1/8/13 12:54 P

That is what a gym is for. Look past the body builders and the skinny minnys who attend. Go to your class or machine with your head held high. They had to start somewhere too. Also know that even though they may look like they are in shape, you are probably healthier than they are. You are eating right and exercising. For all you know they are just exercising.

I don't belong to a gym anymore because I would rather surge at my doctor's or in the sanctity of my living room. I don't need the heavy machines and they can keep the elliptical and treadmill and stair climber.

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1/8/13 8:42 A

No but then again I am not a 'gym' person. I have a bowflex, recumbent bike and other equipment at home but my absolute favorite workouts are to go outside and road bike, walk in my kangoo jumps or hula hoop in my backyard. I love the convenience of just opening my front door for my workout.
Gyms are for people trying to get in shape or improving or maintaining fitness and no one should feel they have to get in shape before going.
If you want to go to the gym by all means go!!

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1/8/13 8:34 A

Do you feel like you have to get in shape before going to a gym/exercise class?

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