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5/9/13 11:14 A

I LOVE going to the gym. There is a variety of equipment, there are racquetball courts, there's a pool, and there are classes. So much variety!

HOWEVER, not everyone loves the gym. I have a woman I used to work with who does not.

She and I both started working out at about the same time years ago. She invited me to go to her gym with her so that we could work-out together to help keep each other motivated. Problem was, she almost never went. She just didn't enjoy it.

See if you can get a trial membership or a membership that allows you to cancel without much trouble. (Some places will lock you in for a year or more.) This way you can see if you like it and get an idea if you will go regularly. If you find you won't go, or the location is not as convenient as you thought, or the time you go the equipment is always full, you don't want to be locked into paying for years on end.

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5/8/13 9:41 P

My two daughters and myself all belong to the gym. I like it because we can use the CrossRamp machines, weight machines and all the free weights. After 2 years I'm still not used to working out at the gym. But we go. Mostly because my daughters WANT to go and I'm usually lagging. LOL So it's a good thing. You'd have someone to help you out and make you go. Good Luck!

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5/8/13 10:24 A

I love my gym - that is my "happy" place. When my boyfriend drives me crazy with channel surfing, I head to the gym!

I see a lot of parents and their teenagers working out together at my gym. It also has tennis courts, so I see a lot of the girls going to play tennis.

There is one guy that brings his teenage grandsons in and trains them. It is awesome to see them working out together.

I would check with the gym to see what their polices are and if your daughter is also permitted to participate in the classes, and I would go for it

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
5/7/13 11:54 P

love my weight lifting and spin bike classes at my gym.........

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5/7/13 10:51 P

I was a member of my local YMCA for a while. I really enjoyed it. They put a lot of effort into keeping it well-maintained, and you didn't get the weird guys that stare at themselves in the mirror and grunt while lifting weights. There was a pretty even mixture of men and women, there was childcare if you had little ones, and the membership included some personal training. You could pay extra for access to an adults only change room, with your own locker and free towels. It was a good deal. Oh, and there was a pool the older kids could swim in while I worked out. (Not my kids- my nephews.)

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
5/7/13 5:42 P

At the gym I have access to things I can't get at home - a large range of free weights, resistance machines, I can watch other people to learn different types of exercises, and most importantly I can focus on JUST working out, not getting distracted by the bajillion other things around my house that are fun and don't involve exercise!

Ask for a tour at your gym to see if it's right for you. Mine is very comfortable and many different types of people are doing different things to better their health.

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5/7/13 5:38 P

Yes, I joined for 3 months and loved it so just renewed on a summer special.

5/7/13 5:15 P

The small gym at my new apartment quickly got boring so I signed up for the gym by my work so I can go during lunchtime. My favorite thing about it is the workout classes! At home there are too many distractions for me to be effective - although on days like today where I'm working from home and its gorgeous outside I'll workout outside too :)

What a great way to spend time with your family! Do you guys have a Y? They usually have a lot of children's activities also.

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NPINICOLE Posts: 161
5/7/13 5:04 P

I cannot focus when I am home. I have an apt gym but still signed up for 24Hr Fitness. Seeing everyone there, dedicated, motivates me to work harder and I leave feeling better about myself. Plus, They offer group classes which are fun to do with a friend, family member, or even by yourself.

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5/7/13 3:58 P

So I don't know if this has changed, but when I first joined a gym, my parents had to pay an extra fee until I turned 16 (their minimum age was 16) so that might be something to look into.

That being said, I liked going to the gym with my parents (my dad especially) since we would 'challenge' each other to different exercises. Now that I'm on my own, other people unknowingly challenge me to do better. For example, I see a girl my age running a bit faster than me on the treadmill, I'll up my speed a bit or if someone is on the squat rack next to me squatting more than I am with better form, I'll concentrate a bit harder on mine.

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5/7/13 3:13 P

Just wondering for all of you that go to a gym...Do you like it? I am thinking of joining one so my daughter and I can workout together. I have always worked out at home (on elliptical or bike) but was thinking a Gym might be better so my daughter and I can workout together.

Do you feel confortable in a Gym? Or is working out better at home?


PS my daughter is 13 and has shown a lot of interest in exercising everyday.

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