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4/5/13 6:18 P

I envy the time you get to work out, and the fact that you get to do so uninterrupted at the gym, with actual equipment! I think you have plenty of opportunity, you just need to manage optimum efficiency, make sure to plan the right amounts of cardio vs. strength training. I would request a customized routine in accordance with your caloric intake and current activity level.

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4/5/13 6:13 P

The key to losing weight is nutrition. Exercise helps to burn calories, no doubt, but if you want to lose weight you need to focus on what you're eating.

That being said, you asked for ideas on how to burn more calories in a short amount of time so

- Spinning class
- Boxing
- Intervals

Don't neglect strength training. It doesn't burn calories like cardio does, but it helps to maintain lean muscle so you look great once you have lost the fat!

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4/5/13 5:45 P

So I need to STEP it up but I only get from 5 am to 6 am at the gym and sometimes 30 min at lunch - suggestion to get the max work out- keep in mind CANNOT RUN bad knee - no lunges squats or running. All thoughts and ideas welcome...

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