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SCHMENGE Posts: 19
3/23/12 7:32 P

I have never paid much attention to whether I breathe through my nose or mouth. My sense is that you will do what you need to do to get enough oxygen. I know for sure that in a race it is the mouth! :)

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3/23/12 7:26 P

Wow, I've never done anything quite THAT exact ever, but I guess I'm going to have to keep an eye on what I'm doing and adjust from there. I do have one curiosity - I was always told that while you're jogging/running that you shouldn't JUST breathe through your nose, cause you don't get enough air fast enough? I suppose that must not be exactly true if your technique works so well though.

MSGNOME Posts: 555
3/23/12 5:35 P

Breathing is really important!! I breathe in through my nose for 3 steps and out through my mouth for 6 steps usually. It depends on the pace (sometimes its in for 2 out for 4 while sprinting) but the exhales always take twice the time. I have not had one cramp while running since I started doing that in high school. I don't know why this works or where I heard it though!

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3/22/12 9:11 P

Thank you for the advice and the praise! So you make it sound like just continuing to work at the higher pace would, in and of itself, slowly lead to not having cramps since I'd also be improving my general fitness? I think I'll still trying to hydrate myself a little before a morning run - that does seem like a general consensus - and I'll have to work on varying my routine. I know I've read some articles about doing sprints up hills, and then jogging slowly back down them to recover, as a good technique to improving speed too. The Fartlek sounds pretty similar, just not really involving hills!

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3/22/12 8:27 P

This is why I love SP, I just started running and not up to 3 miles yet, but I am learning so much! Thanks for being such great teachers, I learned something new today ! WhooHoo !

SCHMENGE Posts: 19
3/22/12 8:14 P

If you start your run hydrated you should not have to hydrate during a 3 mile run. Of course everybody is different and maybe you are running 90 degree weather. Side cramps can be caused by a buildup of lactic acid but I would not think you would have that within 3 miles. But I guess you could, which means going a bit too fast until you gain even greater fitness (great progress BTW!). You could try taking a good breath and then breathing it our hard, kind of a "whoooooooo" a bit forceful. And this may sound weird but drop your arms down to your sides and kind of shake your fingers. Not sure what that does, but it helps me sometimes on longer runs.

A Fartlek is a type of unstructured speed work. After you are warmed up you go faster to, say the third three, then drop the pace back down, then faster to the mailbox, and drop the pace back down. Hope that makes sense

SHADEDK SparkPoints: (4,568)
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3/22/12 7:03 P

I admit I don't hydrate a lot while I'm running. For three miles I don't 'feel' thirsty, though that's not always an adequate indication, and I don't tend to drink much in the morning before I eat breakfast (not including my pre breakfast cereal!). So I'll try that first.

As for your other comment, I'm not even sure what a farlek is! I do tend to monitor my breathing, since it's currently a pretty fair indicator of my pace - if I'm taking in noticably hard breaths on flats or slow inclines, then I'm near my top pace. I can't say I specifically concentrate on my breathing per se; what would you suggest that entails or how can I better keep an eye on such things?

KCLARK89 SparkPoints: (42,896)
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3/22/12 11:32 A

That's awesome! I'm a runner and trying to get my time down as well... :) I occasionally get the side cramping too, but it's not every time I run so I'm not entirely sure what is causing it, but the staying adequately hydrated seems like a good possibility.

LEC358 SparkPoints: (11,135)
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3/22/12 9:19 A

Wow, that's awesome progress! When I run, I can cramp up in my sides for primarily two different reasons: hydration issues and/or breathing issues. For 3 miles, hydrating during the run shouldn't be to necessary but maybe taking a glass of water 15-20 minutes beforehand might be something to try.

The other possible cause I can think of (breathing) just be a result of you pushing your pace. When you're going for pace rather than distance, really concentrate on breathing through out the run, not just the part where it gets hard. Have you added in intervals/farleks into your routine? These are great because they help to increase your pace on your long runs and also (since you're sprinting for at least part of it) help your breathing become more efficient.

SHADEDK SparkPoints: (4,568)
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3/22/12 8:43 A

I've been jogging since January. Originally I started exercising to lose weight and to get fit, but now that I'm nearly at my weight goal, I'm starting to adjust my motivation towards getting my overall mile run time down rather than simply getting out there to jog. I've regularly jogged three mile stints and when I started up I was just under an 11minute/mile average. Lately I've been able to work that down to almost 8:20 per mile and I'm very eager to hit an 8 minute mile by this summer. However, I notice that when I AM jogging near an 8:30 mile that my sides start to -almost- cramp. It's mildly uncomfortable and I think it keeps me from pushing as hard as I'd like to somedays.

My question is how do I 'fix' this? Is it something my body just slowly adjusts to or am I doing something wrong which results in me almost cramping? I only eat a bowl of cereal about an hour before I go out and don't tend to drink much til after I jog. I do stretches for my legs too. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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