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1/14/13 2:49 P

Diuretics natural or otherwise should not be used without a doctor's advice; and should not be used for weight loss.

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1/13/13 5:46 P

It just sounds like a "get thin quick plan" which none of them work. Anything telling you that its a quick fix can either be not healthy, twisted fact or people have had results but they are circumstantial. Although there is nothing wrong with drinking a lot of water, I wouldn't expect much. And Jillian's skills as a trainer may be questionable, but she still has some of my favorite fitness quotes. :)

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1/13/13 2:57 P

There is a lot of information about how poor a trainer she actually is (eg her kettlebell videos are decried by kettlebell experts as dangerous form). Apparently she also does not do any further training and increasing her knowledge, as most registered bodies for personal trainers require their members to do every year.

I wouldn't recommend her advice on ANY topic to anyone. She's only qualified to offer physical training advice, and even that poorly and there are better qualified people to get that from.

FP4HLOSER Posts: 968
1/13/13 2:35 P

I guess I should also add that Dandelion is considered a medicinal Herb and should be treated as such. I would not take anything like this unless I had consulted a Naturopathic Doctor. emoticon
Although I do like to eat the greens in the Spring! :-)

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1/13/13 2:32 P

I agree with you, Becky. She's got great exercise ideas, but she is NOt a registered dietician, and is worse than Doctor Oz about shilling get-thin-quick crap!

FP4HLOSER Posts: 968
1/13/13 2:15 P

I am not sure she is even a "great" trainer anymore after seeing the start of the BL new season! But that is another subject!

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1/13/13 1:17 P

She really should stick to her profession ---she is a great trainer!!!

Once she started endorsing supplements, detox products and this type drink---she "sold out"


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1/13/13 11:31 A

I am sorry you wasted your money.

Am I the only person who thinks it is irresponsible of Jillian to endorse this type of product?

Hundreds of thousands of people look up to her.

1/13/13 11:29 A

Then it should be called flavored water.

The "scam" is in claiming that it is a detox product, a product that can remove excess water from the body.

Dietitian Becky

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1/13/13 11:28 A

I think the idea of drinking a tea that produces a laxative effect (repeatedly) for the intention of weight loss can lead to disordered eating mindset and behaviors (not saying eating disorder).

ballerina's tea or dieter's tea are laxative teas and can be dangerous because people get hooked on them and take more and more.

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1/13/13 10:39 A

I don't think it is s scam or a big money loss to add cranberry juice, lemon juice and a dandelion tea bag to your water. If it helps you drink more, I'd go for it. Just don't expect it to be some miracle cure or the key to weight loss. Combine it with a healthy diet and regular exercise and it certainly can't hurt.

1/13/13 9:50 A

As already shared, this product is a Scam! Save your money!!

Dietitian Becky

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1/12/13 9:31 P

Sorry, but you've wasted your money. Nothing you eat or drink specifically will get rid of excess water weight. If you're carrying excess water weight your body doesn't need, drinking water will help because the body realises it doesn't have to hold onto it and lets that go - but it doesn't matter if it's got "detox" things in it or not - it's the drinking 60oz of water daily that's doing any benefit.

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1/12/13 3:07 P

I just started Jillian Michaels detox water. You are to drink 60oz a day for 7 days it is supposed to help you eliminate excess water weight. I was wondering if anyone had an experience with this detox water and if anyone knows how often you can do it? Meaning every 3 months? every 6 months? every month? You continue to eat a balance diet with the drink, it is not a cleanse just a way to get rid of extra water weight. Thanks for any input!

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