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12/2/13 11:15 A

She makes me more sore and thorougly worked than anything else, including P90X

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11/23/13 10:07 P

I have just started using a 5lb one and will be moving to a 8lb one as soon as I can. I can't wait to not be jiggly anymore.

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11/23/13 9:09 P

In terms of firming up, what really matters is that you are genuinely challenging your muscles.

Many so-called "strength training" videos use weights that are far too light, because they need to allow for multiple re-takes, and also want to demonstrate perfect form.

Also, many people following exercise videos want to "keep up" with the number of reps done by the instructor, and use a lighter weight to do so.

But in reality, firming up muscle depends on genuinely challenging your muscles at close to their maximum capacity. This means using a heavy weight, that fatigues your muscles in just a few reps. A weight that fatigues your muscles in 4-6 reps is actually far more effective than doing 12-20 reps with a lighter weight. Don't feel compelled to "keep up" with the video.

What weight you use is YOUR choice, and certainly with the appropriate weight, Jillian Michaels videos can certainly be effective.

Lift heavy!


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11/23/13 12:37 P

Yes they can, but make sure to keep upping your weights as you go.
For her No More Trouble zones one, I use 8 and 12 pound weights now. considering getting 15's soon. You won't get big.


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11/22/13 5:02 P

Thank you all for your help with this. I am going to use her dvd's. I am tired of flabby! :)

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11/22/13 4:23 P

Yes, Jillian will definitely firm you up! I have several of her DVDs and they are great! It can be hard to find shorter workouts that are effective, but hers are! As another poster said, several of the workouts are available on youtube if you want to get a sense of her style.

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11/22/13 9:58 A

Jillian Michaels programs are on youtube.

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11/22/13 6:34 A

I am hoping to get this for christmas and am looking forward to it!

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11/22/13 6:16 A

I just bought the 30 day shred & it has 3 levels in it that the first one is 28 minutes. I got the calorie burn info. on the website for my height/weight.

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11/21/13 7:45 P

Thank you very much! It's just that the stuff I did before Jillian was walking away the pounds and I lost weight but didn't firm up. So I was curious if I would with her.


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11/21/13 6:52 P

I am a little bit confused by this question, because ALL exercise "firms you up" if you do it regularly, as long as you're not eating like crazy!

But the answer is yes.

Like mad. She's a crazy woman, a sadist, and you can get in 20 minutes what it would take you an hour to achieve on your own.

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11/19/13 6:14 P

Do the Jillian Michaels workouts firm you up at all?

Thanks in advance

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